Elderly Couple End Their Lives Together Because They Couldn't Bear Living A Day Without Each Other

Elderly Couple End Their Lives Together Because They Couldn't Bear Living A Day Without Each Other

"Neither one of us wishes to live without the other," they couple wrote in their letter before passing away a short while apart.

True love can be the most beautiful and sometimes agonizing experience at the same time. It's beautiful because you become so hopelessly devoted to each other, but also agonizing because you can't even imagine life without them after growing up and growing old together. 

After spending decades of their long lives together, an elderly couple in St Asaph, Wales, had grown inseparable. When 80-year-old Howard Titterton was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, he along with his wife, 78-year-old Jacqueline understood that they didn't have much time together. But the couple wasn't going to allow Howard's terminal illness to separate them.

"Neither one of us wishes to live without the other," Jacqueline Titterton wrote in a letter that she and her husband wrote together, according to  North Wales Live.

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The couple had shared "a great life" with each other. Although they had no children of their own, the two seemed to have lived a full life. Hand in hand, Howard and Jacqueline had filled their life with travel experiences, cruises, and even had the same hobbies of music and photography, according to Anthony Jones, a close friend of the couple ever since they were kids and even accompanied them on holidays. They grew old together with many memories to look back on.

After Howard's diagnosis, Jacqueline, who was a former nurse, helped take care of her husband, a retired research and development officer with glass manufacturers Pilkington. But the thought of one of them living without the other was unbearable. When they got the news of Howard's terminal cancer, it was almost like the couple knew what to do. And looks like it was something they mutually agreed on, possibly believing that it was the only way they could still be together.

With a deep love for each other, Mr. and Mrs. Titterton reportedly made the choice of ending their lives together, making sure that even death wouldn't do them apart. But before they did so, they wrote letters together, which were meant for the police, their solicitor, and even their friends, including Anthony Jones, as well as Andrew and Susan Thomas, their neighbors.

They had even left behind a key with their neighbor so that the police would be able to enter their home and a letter telling them about what they should do.


On the day that the couple chose to end their lives together, their neighbor found an envelope that was slid through the door. Along with around $650 (£500), the envelope carried the shocking news of the couple's decision. Mr. Thomas, the neighbor, said, "I wondered if I was reading what I was." And just like the letter indicated, his wife, Susan Thomas call up the police, who arrived and found the couple lifeless.

While Howard was found lying in an empty bath, Jacqueline was found lying on the bed. They both died just a short while apart, with Howard passing away first and his beloved wife following him. It is believed that before Jacqueline went over to her bed before her final moments, she put a dressing gown over her husband and covered him with a blanket.

They were both described as "lovely people" by their neighbor, Susan Thomas. And knowing that the coupled breathed their last together came completely unexpectedly.

Although it seems tragic, the couple didn't have to see either of them go through pain or severe medical treatment. And they passed away just a short while apart, making sure that neither of them had to spend even a day without each other.