Eddie Murphy Was "Not Interested" In Daughter He Had With Mel B Until Recently|He Refused To Accept Her As His Child

Eddie Murphy Was "Not Interested" In Daughter He Had With Mel B Until Recently|He Refused To Accept Her As His Child

Mel B and Eddie Murphy had dated in the mid-2000s but their relationship didn't have a happy ending. Years later, the former couple made amends to stop her abusive ex from having access to their daughter.

For a child, getting love, time, care, and appreciation from their parents might be a few of the most important parts of growing up. But, how does a child cope when one or both of their parents decide that they want nothing to do with them? That might make for a pretty difficult childhood. 

Eddie Murphy and Mel B were once in love and ready to take their relationship forward. They had been together only for a few months but they were already talking about getting married and having a child. However, somewhere along the way, things went wrong. Mel B, whose real name is Melanie Brown, and Murphy had started having issues and while she was pregnant, she flew from the US to the UK, where her mom lived. 

In the meantime, the Coming to America actor publicly denounced that the baby was his. "I don’t know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions," he said, as per Mirror UK, and this angered her.

He moved on quickly and by the time their daughter, Angel, was born, he was engaged to film producer Tracey Edmonds. The former Spice Girls band member sought a paternity test after a legal battle and the test proved that the child was, indeed, the comedian's daughter.


Since then, Mel B, who was once known as Scary Spice, also moved on and married. Her now ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte had helped her raise Angel during their 10-year-marriage which ended in accusations, hurt, and scandal.

Belafonte also told the court that the Dolemite Is My Name actor is "not interested" in seeing his then-10-year-old daughter, according to Daily Mail. In 2018, Belafonte tried to convince a judge to allow him step-parent visitation rights for Angel, whom, he says, "has called me dad since she started to talk." Her mother was staunchly against it.

Belafonte’s lawyer, Grace Jamra, said that while she tried to reach the Norbit actor to discuss Belafonte’s step-parent request they haven't been able to get in touch with him. Jamra claimed that Murphy's lawyers told her that he was not interested. "Mr. Murphy has had no contact with the child," she told the court, adding that he is "avoiding service" when she tried to serve him with legal papers.

Stephen Belafonte with Mel B (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frederick M. Brown)

Also in 2018, after her divorce, Mel B shared how Murphy had been her "soulmate." "We first met, I saw him across the room, he saw me and then I freaked out because I’ve never had somebody look at me like that. It was such a familiar look. As in, it felt like home. I could see my soulmate. So I ran to the restroom. Then I left and I went home," she said, according to Mirror UK.

Murphy reportedly made amends with her and his daughter. Mel B also made efforts to make things right with her former partner's mother, because of whom their relationship broke down, according to the Mirror UK.

"Relations with Mel and Eddie have improved considerably, they are on good terms. Mel's divorce with Stephen has brought her closer to Eddie, who just wants to help as much as he can," a source said.


Eddie, who has 10 children, wanted to stop Belafonte from being a part of Angel's life as much as the Say You’ll Be There singer. She had accused Belafonte of domestic abuse and wanted to put her bad marriage behind her. She has one child with him and he was granted visitation rights to Madison.

"I strongly believe that Brown’s abrupt decision to cut off all ties between Angel and I has been emotionally traumatizing and detrimental to Angel’s mental health and well being," he added in legal papers, as per Daily Mail.

The former Spice Girl said that Belafonte had tried to create a problem between Murphy and his daughter but they have a "flourishing relationship." She claimed that her ex-husband wanted her "to have nothing to do with" Murphy, as per the Blast. She wanted to set up a meeting between the Shrek actor and Angel, but her then-husband had interfered with it, she claimed.

Murphy proved Belafonte's claims wrong by posting a photo with all his ten kids, including Angel.