Dying Mother Refuses Cancer Treatment Just To Save Her Unborn Child Despite Fearing She Would Not Be Around For Her

Dying Mother Refuses Cancer Treatment Just To Save Her Unborn Child Despite Fearing She Would Not Be Around For Her

Ellie Whittaker was certain that she wanted to start a family. Nothing was going to change her mind.

A mother can never give up her child because there is nothing more precious. One mother gave up her treatments that could be harmful to the child despite knowing she might lose her life.

According to Daily Mail, Ellie Whittaker from Chesterfield made the painful choice of giving up her cancer treatment after she came to know it would harm her unborn child. Whittaker was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's Lymphoma in October 2019. 

Whittaker first went to the doctor after a lump developed in her neck in July 2019. At the time, the couple also realized they were going to be parents. Having experienced a miscarriage in the past, the 21-year-old knew she wanted a family with her fiancé, Kieran Marriott. However, she realized she was keeping unwell.


"I was so exhausted and catching lots of chest infections - I thought it was down to stress and recently losing my granddad," she said. "I was so sleepy I accidentally fell asleep in a meeting when I worked for the post office. When the lump appeared the doctor thought it was tonsillitis but I knew it was something else," said Whittaker. 

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Soon, she was referred to Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Derbyshire in August 2019. After two months, Whittaker, who was 16 weeks pregnant, was told she had cancer. The doctors told the mother it was better to abort the baby as the cancer treatments could harm the child. 

But Whittaker was determined. She wanted her baby and chose to sacrifice her treatments for the unborn child. "The doctor advised I have an abortion because cancer treatment could cause problems for the baby. There was no way I was going to give her up so I chose to delay it," recalled the mother.

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She continued, "There was no chance on this planet I was going to abort my baby." With her decision already made, Whittaker was referred to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield. The pregnant woman was scanned every two weeks until the delivery of the child. Luckily, the determined mother held up till the birth of her baby girl, Connie in March 2020. 

"I tried not to think about it - I wanted my pregnancy to be as normal as possible," said the mother, alluding to her pregnancy period. In the days that followed, Whittaker spent as much time as possible with her baby girl. 

Her cancer had progressed to stage three and the young mother began to fear the unknown future ahead of her.

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"I tried to spend as much time with Connie as I could before I started. I remember crying and thinking I wouldn't be able to be there for her. I knew the chemotherapy would take its toll," recalled the mother. She continued, "I pushed the cancer as far from my mind and focused on Connie - I couldn't wait to be a mum."

She underwent 12 rounds of grueling chemotherapy and finished her treatment in September 2020. Luckily, her final scan in October showed no signs of cancer. "'Everyone's supported me in many ways. I had to wait two weeks for the results from my final scan which was agony," said Whittaker. She added, "I'm so pleased it's gone and I can focus on being a mum."