Man Who Thought He'll Never See His Family Again Collapses To The Floor After Seeing Them For The First Time In Years

Man Who Thought He'll Never See His Family Again Collapses To The Floor After Seeing Them For The First Time In Years

They were tragically separated. And years later, when the man finally met his family, the emotional reunion brought everyone to tears.

It can be unbearable to live hundreds of miles away from your loved ones, wondering if you'll ever get the chance to see them again. For Dyan, it had been years since he saw his wife and children after being separated from them in the midst of war.

When their village in Sudan was torn apart by violence, Dyan and Alik left their home behind to save their family. They managed to flee from danger, but it was at the cost of Dyan being separated from his wife and children. They had made their way to refugee camps in northern Africa. However, all evidence of Dyan and Alik's marriage was destroyed in the process, according to The North Hill. Because of this, Alik was processed as a single mother and Dyan was processed as a single father. Alik, who was pregnant at the time with their third child, got the opportunity to travel to the United States and start afresh, according to Newsner.

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In 2012, with her son and daughter by her side, Alik had arrived in Fort Worth, Texas, while Dyan was at the bottom of the pile in the resettlement list because single men were rarely picked.

Dyan found himself alone in a refugee camp in Egypt, desperately wishing to see his family again. But Alik didn't lose faith. She started bonding with Molly and Mary Claire, who had volunteered to help refugee families in their resettlement process. With Molly and Mary Claire in the labor room, Alik had given birth to her third child. "...The Lord connected us in personal and generous ways," Molly wrote in a GoFundMe page set up for the family.

While the friendship bloomed between them and her children were getting all the care they needed, Alik desperately missed her husband while her children needed their father.

Separated by so many miles at that point, Alik and Dyan could have nothing more than phone conversations. Molly and Mary tried everything they could to bring Dyan to America; they talked to social workers, met with politicians, and spoke to immigration attorneys. Nothing seemed to work and they were told that "it’ll be a miracle if this happens." But they didn't stop trying to get Dyan back with his family.


Four years had passed by since Alik arrived with her children to a completely new country and started her life there, without her husband beside her. The persistent efforts of Molly and Mary, along with another friend, Kerby, finally bore fruit when Dyan was finally on a flight that would land in Fort Worth.

Alik and her children, the youngest of whom had never even seen their father till that day, waited eagerly for him at the gate. And when they finally saw him walk through, Dyan's sons rushed to greet him and the father, overwhelmed with emotion pulled them into a tight hug. Alik and Dyan wept at the sight of each other and even strangers couldn't help but be moved to tears at the family's emotional reunion.

"At one point, Dyan fell to his knees and held up his hands, praising God for something that a lot of people had been praying and waiting for for a long time," wrote Scott Porter, who documented his arrival.


"After 4 years of advocating and praying, her husband Dyan joined their family in the United States to meet his 3 year old and continue their life together," Molly wrote. 

In an update that was written on May 2, 2017, Molly said, "Alik and Dyan are settling into life together in America! He recently got his work papers and has recently started a new job! We are so incredibly grateful for the continuing generosity of people seeing the video, and know that the Lord has great plans for them."

Molly even wrote a post, urging people about getting involved in the lives of refugees, "Don't you dare fall into the media spin of refugees. Look up 'refugee services in' wherever you live and go. Meet them. Enter into their lives and hear their stories. They'll break your heart and you'll begin to learn more and more about the actual heart of God. I dare you not to fall in love."