Dwayne Johnson Became ‘Different Kind of Dad’ To Daughters After Divorce From 1st Wife: "Every Man NEEDS A Daughter"

Dwayne Johnson Became ‘Different Kind of Dad’ To Daughters After Divorce From 1st Wife: "Every Man NEEDS A Daughter"

Dwayne Johnson was terrified and excited at the same time when he first became a dad, but now he's more calm and measured.

There are many sides to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and he's excelled in all of them, from being a world champ wrestler to a Hollywood superstar and a humanitarian. His latest role in life might be his favorite yet—that of a dad. No one bets against Dwayne Johnson and for good reason. He's already winning at the parenting game but it was his divorce from his first wife that changed his perspective on fatherhood. The actor is a dad to daughter Simone, 20, from his first marriage, and kids Jasmine, 6, and Tiana, 3, with his partner Lauren Hashian. He often shares pictures of him spending time with his kids and his captions are just as hilarious as they are adorable, reported Fatherly.



He met his first wife, Dany Garcia, while they studied at the University of Miami, before marrying her in May 1997. They split up a decade later but he asked her to be his manager. With Garcia having previously worked with agents, she was perfect for the role and the rest is history. He's now one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood, earning $124 million in 2018, the most by any actor since Forbes magazine began creating its Celebrity 100 list two decades ago. 



He met his second wife, Laura Hashian, on the set of The Game Plan and eventually became partners. He started referring to her as his wife even before tying the knot in 2019. They have two kids of their own and Johnson has been an adorable father, often posting pictures of playing with them or feeding them. Looking back, Rock says he was terrified after becoming a dad for the first time when he was 29. "I was so effing excited to be a dad but terrified at the same time. My own references at the time were my own dad, and he raised me with tough love," he told Fatherly. He is now used to the bustle of life and is more measured and mature as a person. "It allows me to be a greater dad," he said.



He said his divorce from Garcia was a learning curve, especially when it came to handling the kids. "After my divorce, I’ve learned so much. It’s allowed me to take those experiences with Simone and apply them to her little sisters. Now, years later, I get to have this wonderful relationship with Simone, who is 17, and this beautiful, powerful relationship with my younger daughters, who are 3 years old and 15 months. Through life and experience, I’m a different kind of dad," he said at the time.


His eldest daughter Simone graduated from high school in 2019 and moved to New York University. He couldn't help but be immensely proud of her. "Very proud of my first daughter graduating high school, [...] and is now NYU bound. I love you, and one day you'll stop pulling away from my beastly arms & kisses," he wrote alongside a picture of his daughter in her graduation gown. He often shares cute messages on Instagram with his daughters. On his daughter Tiana Gia's first birthday, he posted a picture of her latching on to his hands, writing: "Get used to daddy’s hands kid—they’ll always have your back." 



Johnson recently shared a montage of his daughters and wrote, "Every man wants a son, but every man NEEDS a daughter." Johnson also revealed that he grew up with tough love from his father and explained how it shaped him up as a man and a father. “I have a house full of just strong, badass women. … It’s terrifying, but it’s awesome,” he told US Magazine. “I grew up an old child. My dad was tough. He kicked my ass, so there was a lot of testosterone growing up, so there is this balance, having all this estrogenic energy, then also me having the opportunity to infuse ‘father’ and hopefully setting a standard of what a man should be in [my daughters’] lives.”




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