Drew Barrymore Reveals How Strong Women Choose To Be Single Rather Than Be Stuck With The Wrong Person | "But I'm Still A Romantic"

Drew Barrymore Reveals How Strong Women Choose To Be Single Rather Than Be Stuck With The Wrong Person | "But I'm Still A Romantic"

Drew Barrymore has not been able to find the right man. But that has not stopped her from being happy in life as a single mother and businesswoman.

We are often made to think we can only be happy if we have a partner to shower us with love. Carried away by this thought, many of us feel compelled to look for love. It forces us to fall for all the wrong people and takes us through a whole lot of bad experiences. Hollywood star Drew Barrymore too went through her share of heartbreaks. However, she eventually began to enjoy the idea of being a single, independent woman. The actress who rose to fame as a child took to social media to address her happiness of being a self-made strong woman.


On Valentines Day in 2019, the mother of two wrote on Instagram, "I am not totally sure what Valentine’s Day is supposed to feel like. But when I walked in my trailer today at work and saw that my friend @joyseaboch had put this on my mirror, I knew. I know this... I love my friends. I love my children first of course, but this day is just about love period." She went on to assure people that love is not always the romantic one but it is also the one that you share with your beloved children, your family, and friends. She even added she had not dated anyone for almost four years.


"I believe with all my heart in the human heart. There are just good days and bad days. Really difficult- test your will to live days. And days where you feel so alive your skin tingles and your smile might just rip your face apart until it floats right up into heaven and you want skywrite about how goddamn happy you are!!!!! But the constant love usually has been my kids and my friends. A type of love that does not require a romantic partnership and navigation," wrote the actress. She explained she did not feel unhappy because she was single on Valentine's Day. But, she said she was thankful for the life she had.


She continued, "I have fought my way to a deeper happiness on my own, and I love being independent! It just rules. I am also lucky enough to have two young amazing kids and a full-time job, and rad friends. So I’m not sitting around bummed out. I feel stupid grateful." However, she admits she is a romantic at heart. But, the actress is not ready to waste her time sulking over the things she does not have at the moment.

" As for today, don’t waste the day being sad about what you don’t have! Be happy about what you do have. It’s there. I promise," wrote the author and businesswoman.


Barrymore separated from her ex-husband and the father of her daughters Will Kopelman in 2016. "We've made many compromises and concessions, but when it comes to how we deliver likes and dislikes, we're polar opposites. It's still really hard," said the actress, according to Entertainment Online. However, a source told EOnline that the actress knew her relationship with Kopelman would not be a happily-ever-after. "Drew felt, after dating so many guys who were wrong for her, that he (Will) would be good for her. But she kind of always had a feeling it might not be forever. Then they had kids and she stuck it out for them. Because of what she went through as a child, she didn't want to break the family up," stated the source.

Since her divorce, the actress has not really had an active dating life. While she might not have been able to find romance, she is happy being the mother to her children and enjoys living life to the fullest.