6 Lessons I Learned By Loving The Wrong People Before I Met The One

6 Lessons I Learned By Loving The Wrong People Before I Met The One

You always had the right intentions but sometimes you trusted the wrong people. Don't blame yourself for trying to see the good in people.

So much of your life is made up of every single one of the relationships you make. People walk into your life, sometimes even when you least expect it, but not all of them will stick by you until the very end. When people walked out of your life, you wondered why you gave your heart to certain people. But you shouldn't carry the pain of those relationships for the rest of your life.

1. You had the right intentions but you trusted the wrong people

Don't blame yourself for everything that happened in the relationship. You always had the right intentions, you had the best interests of the other person in every relationship. You lovingly trusted people, but sometimes you trusted the wrong ones. The relationships failed, not because you didn't give enough, but because they couldn't match up to the compassion you brought to the relationship.

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2. You learned a lesson from every relationship

Don't see the wrong relationships as mistakes, think of them as important lessons you needed to learn. You're no longer the same person you were before all those wrong relationships. You have learned how to read people better and you know not to spread your love to places where it won't be appreciated. You don't blindly trust people anymore either; you have learned the looks can be deceiving and you wait to give your trust to only those who deserve it.

3. You learned not to make excuses for people who don't show up

You have lost count of all the times you made excuses for other people or tried to stick up for them even when they didn't really deserve it. You always thought everybody deserved a second chance and you gave it to them. But now you don't wait around for people to show up, and most importantly, you don't listen to them justifying why they failed to fulfill their promise. You learned this the hard way by falling for the wrong people, but it was a lesson worth learning.

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4. You learned to move on by understanding how to forgive

If you never had those wrong relationships, you would have never understood how forgiveness can help you heal. It took you months or even years to heal completely from a relationship, but you were able to move on because you decided to forgive. You forgave the person for having the insecurities that they had and for being weak, failing to give you the right relationship. And you forgave yourself for falling for lies and false promises. You know better now and you only make space for what deserves your attention in life.

5. You learned more about love from those who never truly loved you

Love is not always easy. It can get messy and chaotic and make you want to give up. And you learned all that from giving your love to the people who couldn't give you the same love in return. You realized that if you could love the wrong person so much, then the love you will be able to give the right person will be so much more beautiful and meaningful than that. You finally understood that everything happened for a reason.

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6. You learned never to settle for the wrong relationships ever again

The wrong relationships taught you never to settle for anything less than what you deserve in a relationship. You know that love takes a real commitment from two people who are willing to give it to each other. Be grateful to the wrong relationships, because they showed you what you shouldn't tolerate in a relationship. And it showed you the right relationships that you should really pour your heart into.