I Don't Need Fancy Gifts Or Grand Romantic Gestures. I Just Need Your Love

I Don't Need Fancy Gifts Or Grand Romantic Gestures. I Just Need Your Love

It's not the things you bought me that I will remember, it's the times we laughed away and the memories we created that I'll always cherish.

Dear future partner, I don't know who you are yet or where you are right now, but I know that neither of those things matter. I don't need you to be rich, the most intelligent, or the best looking to fall in love with you. What matters is that you're ready to give me the same commitment that I'm willing to give you. And together, we'll keep each other happy and loved for the rest of our lives.

1. I don't want to be spoiled with money, just spoil me with your love

I don't want fancy things that I can place on my shelf or expensive diamond rings to wear on my finger. I just want things that remind me of our love for each other. It's the messages you send me that will remind you that you care, the words you whisper in the morning that will keep me going through the day, and the way you value our time together that will make me feel like we're meant for each other.

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2. I don't need excuses, just honesty that says you tried

It's not that I expect you to get things right all the time. I know you'll make mistakes just like there will be times when I make them, too. But all that I hope is that you'll be honest with me and show me that no matter how much we fail, you will still make me your priority just like you are mind. And as long as we're honest with each other, we'll always find it in our hearts to forgive and make it through the tough times.

3. I don't need extravagant promises, just little ones that we can fulfill together

I'll always love planning our future together. I know I'll be filled with so much pride when I see how ambitious you are, but I don't need you to promise me a glitzy life. I would be perfectly happy in the little world that we create for ourselves. Through all your adventures, I hope you take my hand, letting your dreams be mine and my dreams be yours, too. As long as you make the little things count along the way, there's nothing we can't overcome.

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4. I don't need you to be the strongest in the room, just strong enough to admit your weaknesses

It's okay if you're not tough. It's more than okay when you want to breakdown. As we let our guards down together, don't be afraid to show me your vulnerabilities because I will always love you for who you are. For each flaw of mine, I know you'll show me your strength and I promise that I will always do the same for you. It's what will make us grow stronger and closer.

5. I don't want things with a price tag, just actions that come from your heart 

Your unwavering respect for me costs so much more than anything your wallet can buy. Seeing that you pay attention to my needs and try to fulfill them is priceless. We don't need to fill our lives with material things. What we need is mutual respect, where you give me the same as I give you. Even when things get rough, as long as we're kind to each other, we'll make it work.

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6. I don't need to be taken on fancy trips, just laughing away at home is enough for me

It doesn't matter to me where we spend our time. I'd be happy to snuggle up on our couch and laugh away because your arms are my favorite place in the world. Wherever we are, I'm not going to remember whether it was a fancy hotel suite or the grassy patch in our backyard. What I'll remember most are the conversations we shared and the memories we made together.

7. I don't need you to promise me the world, just be beside me when my world falls apart

I need you to be someone who will stand beside me through my strongest point and never leave my side when I am at my weakest. When I know I can blindly trust you to stand by me, I'll have the courage to go out there and be myself. I'll know that when the weight on my shoulders become too heavy, you'll take the burden off me when I need an extra hand. And when we take the plunge forward, we'll never forget that we're a team who push each other on.