Dog Waited a Week on Train Tracks for His Owners to Come Back | “He Was Very Scared and Hesitant”

Dog Waited a Week on Train Tracks for His Owners to Come Back | “He Was Very Scared and Hesitant”

Suzette Hall rescued the pup and took him to the vet.

Suzette Hall knew she had to act after reading an urgent plea about a puppy tossed from a car into the train lines. Every day she receives messages concerning stray dogs in and around Irvine, California. 

The black Lab mix refused to leave the last location where he'd seen his owners. Despite the dangers of the railway tracks, he lay and waited where they had left him. The pup did not care about hunger and thirst and continued to stay put at the location, hoping that they will come looking for him. 



Hall, of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, told The Dodo, "They always wait when they’re dumped because they’re so loyal and they think that the person is coming back. I was so scared that he was going to get hit by a train … The gal who originally noticed him said it was like he would barely move until the train was almost there." When Hall got to the railroad tracks, she discovered the puppy in the same position and location as the message stated.

Hall described the moment she first met the pup, "At first, he got up and started to run, but I threw chicken his way and it made him stop. He was very scared and hesitant." Hall set up a trap with chicken and hot dogs inside and went into hiding to avoid frightening the dog. She was concerned that it would take some time for him to risk going after the food. She said, "Sometimes, when I’m trapping a dog, it feels like I’m watching paint dry because it can take a long time." 


She added, "I’m known to sleep in my car to rescue a dog because I don’t give up." The abandoned dog, on the other hand, was so hungry that when she returned a few minutes later, he was safely in the trap. Hall named the dog Soldier and took him to her veterinarian right away. 

Soldier has been staying at Camino Pet Hospital and Hall is working on finding safe foster homes for the pup. Pup is getting medicated baths and lots of food, and he's even started wiggling his tail when the vet staff pet him. 



Hall has previously made headlines for rescuing stray dogs. She rescued a pregnant German Shephard, Marley, who was hit by a car. Murphy, a crossbreed stray, found the injured dog and was by her side till she was rescued. Hall was so moved by Murphy's devotion to his canine companion in need that she let them snuggle in her car on the way to the clinic, reports Metro UK

Marley gave birth to 11 puppies, but Murphy stayed by her side in her cage until she healed and found a new home. Hall told the outlet, "‘ICARE Dog Rescue team made sure all her puppies got amazing homes and now Marley has an amazing home."




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