Video Of Beth Chapman Singing, Before Her Death To Cancer, Shows The Carefree And Fun-loving Side Of The Strong Woman

Video Of Beth Chapman Singing, Before Her Death To Cancer, Shows The Carefree And Fun-loving Side Of The Strong Woman

Beth Chapman fought cancer bravely. Her husband Dog Chapman thanked fans for their support and showed the world another side of Beth that was rarely seen by them.

Death may take away our dear ones but their memories will never die and will always be in the hearts of the people who love them. On June 26th, Bounty Hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman lost his wife Beth Chapman to cancer. Beth who battled the illness for years had to finally surrounder before fate. While her fans are still mourning her loss, her family is trying to remember all the great memories she left behind. Here's a video Dog the bountry hunter recently shared on Twitter.


Beth Chapman who became popular with her husband through the reality series Dog the Bounty Hunter died at a hospital in Hawaii surrounded by her dear family. "It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake up to go hike Koko Head mountain. Only today, she hiked the stairway to heaven. We all love you, Beth. See you on the other side," tweeted Dog to their fans. He also informed them of the services that would be held. The news of her death was intolerable not only to her family but also to the people who were so used to watching her on screen for years.

While she was known for her toughness and bounty hunting skills, her husband shared a video that showed the other side of Beth not very often seen on camera. In the video shared by Dog, Beth was seen singing and dancing with daughter Cecily. The two was seen enjoying Bruno Mars' song Perm. Dog wanted their fans to know that there was more to Beth. She was also a fun loving sweet woman. "People have asked me... What is something fans do not know about Beth... Here you go," said Dog posting the video.


Her daughter, Lyssa Chapman also shared the video and said, "Mom loved to sing and she loved her baby @icEciLy and she REALLY loved her some BrunoMars. Hope you see this brother. Much Aloha."  Lyssa had also shared another video in memory of her mom. On July 1st, a photo of the funeral was posted. It showed Dog walking hand in hand with one of his granddaughters while people gathered on the Waikiki Beach in memory of Beth. He led the funeral services in a traditional Hawaiian style. After the ceremony, her family and friends bid their final farewell to the amazing woman. 

Beth was an inspiration to many and her fans have always been there to support her family through their tragic times. Dog thanked their fans for standing by them during this difficult phase. He also informed the fans about the memorial services. "July 13, 2019 - Heritage Christian Center 14401 E. Exposition Avenue Aurora, Colorado 80012 - Doors open at 1:00, Service starts at 2:00," said Dog on Twitter.  Other members of the Dog family also showed their appreciation to everyone in the form of tweets.


"Thank you, everyone, for the support it means a lot to our family. My grandmother would be very proud to see tremendous support and love you all have shown," wrote Dakota Chapman. Though Beth passed away, people still remember and cherish the strong woman she was.