Dog Chapman Says He Will Never Marry Again | "Never Will No One Ever Love Me As Much As She Did"

Dog Chapman Says He Will Never Marry Again | "Never Will No One Ever Love Me As Much As She Did"

It has been four months since the death of Beth Chapman. However, Duane "Dog" Chapman has not moved past the incident. He believes he cannot love anyone more than Beth.

Losing a loved one is extremely painful. While for some, time reduces the intensity of this pain, for others, the pain remains as fresh as ever. And for most, the pain never really goes away. Much like the way Duane "Dog" Chapman grieves his wife, Beth Chapman's loss. She passed away four months ago, on 26 June 2019, and the reality star is still trying to cope with her death.


Recently, the reality television star opened up about how he thinks no one can replace his beloved wife. In an interview with PEOPLE Now, Duane Chapman said, "When your spouse dies, as a man, I mean as me, so generally probably everybody, you’re released from that obligation of being married. So your mind and you go crazy. And then after a while, you realize that never will no one ever love me as much as she did. And I will probably never love anyone else as much as I loved her.”



He further described how the concept of physical intimacy changed with the death of his dear wife. "Sex is a thing like almost in the past right now. I’m not having it and I don’t care. It’s weird."

The grieving star even added he might not be dating again. "Not that I have, but you know, it’s not worth it. I don’t want to tell the whole story about my mom, my dad, and my life and all that stuff again to a new person. Not yet."


However, in August, he told People he would not remarry even if he became open to love. "What deal we said is I will never take ‘Beth’ off my chest, I have her name here. And I will never get married. And she said to me, ‘We are human, okay?’ And probably the same thing I’d say to her: ‘I know you’re gonna have a boyfriend, I hope you have 10, but don’t go fricking marry one, and say those words. Don’t you dare do that.’ I would say that, and she did say that to me."


Since losing Beth to cancer, Duane has been through a highly emotional journey. Starting from the burglary incident at their store to the heart-related medical emergency, he has has gone through a lot. Though he still grieves the loss of Beth, he says the support of his friends and family allowed him to handle the loss. "As long as I’m not alone. If I’m completely alone, then I start thinking about it and crying. If I’m around people, it’s a little easier," said the 66-year-old.