You Can Now Have A Cozy DIY Backyard Guest House Delivered Right To Your Doorstep And Built In Just 8 Hours!

You Can Now Have A Cozy DIY Backyard Guest House Delivered Right To Your Doorstep And Built In Just 8 Hours!

The DIY kit from Amazon enables people to make their compact house within 8 hours. It can also be customized into your favourite space.

There is nothing you cannot buy online. From a safety pin to home furniture, you can have it delivered right to your doorstep. With everything you want just a few clicks away, life couldn't have been more comfortable. Recently Amazon has come up with yet another wonder. You can now buy an entire guesthouse on Amazon. As strange and unbelievable as it may sound, it is true. 

According to People, you can now build an entire house yourself that will get your DIY senses tingling! The Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit is perfect for those looking for some extra space. The product is described as an “ideal home office or guest house” and is perfect for those looking to expand their home without taking the trouble of construction or heavy planning.


The kit that has got the attention of people comes with a complete package enough to create a 172-square-foot home. While it has an indoor space enough for a couch or a compact bed, there's also an outdoor, covered patio for the kitchen or an area for dining. If you don't want to squeeze your life into an 86-square feet tiny space, you can also use the same kit to make a pool house, a potting shed or anything that your heart desires. The compact space still provides enough room to be comfortable and can be used for storage or something fun.


The cabin is made from high-quality Nordic wood and the company claims that it is an alternative to the classic log cabin styled structure suitable for any kind of surrounding. The cabin is also said to be safe to be built on rooftops of multi-story buildings.

Though the reviews for the product are still not available, Allwood assures that the instructions are easy to follow.  According to Amazon, you can assemble the house in the span of 8 hours with the help of another adult. An entire day is enough to do it individually. The kit also comes with all the instructions and tools required to create the space desired. As per People, all the materials required like the tools and the concrete slab or gravel-and-wood beam base is included in the $7,250 price tag.


However, the compact guesthouse does not come with electrical fittings or any other utilities. All the amenities required should be added by the owner. Other than that, the DIY house can be customized based on your taste. Meanwhile, people are thrilled about the DIY house, sharing and commenting on the new thing in town. "Y'all. I want one of these! Not sure what I'd use it for but I do know I need it," wrote an excited Twitter user.

While some complained about the size of the house, others shared their ideas of customizing the kit into their desired spaces. "I’ve always wanted to build my children a getaway house ... this one isn’t bad at all," wrote a woman on Twitter.




In spite of all the mixed comments, the DIY house is a social media hit and might soon pop up in your neighbor's backyard.