Diver Stunned As Massive, Human-sized Jellyfish Swims Right Past Her: "It Was The Best Thing I've Ever Done"

Diver Stunned As Massive, Human-sized Jellyfish Swims Right Past Her: "It Was The Best Thing I've Ever Done"

Wildlife expert Lizzie Daly along with her photographer spotted a huge jellyfish. The video posted by Daly gained great popularity and shocked people worldwide.

Nature is fascinating. Every day we hear and see new things that show us the unexplored side of nature. We might all be familiar with jellyfish. However, one particular video of a jellyfish-like the kind you've never seen before has gone viral. A giant jellyfish that is quite visibly as big, if not bigger than a fully grown adult human has caught the attention of people worldwide.

According to CNN, BBC Wildlife host and biologist Lizzie Daly discovered the giant sea animal as she was diving in the south-western coast of England. Her underwater cinematographer, Dan Abbott, captured the video that has gone viral. The astonishing size of the creature and the grace with which it swims past has left many in awe. Daly who was also shocked by the animal said that her experience was breathtaking.


Lizzie Daly who is a wildlife expert along with Dan Abbott was on a seven-day program to raise awareness about the wildlife around the UK. The program named "Wild Ocean Week" was also meant to raise funds for The Marine Conservation Society.

As a part of this program, the expert and her cinematographer set off on an adventurous underwater trip around the United Kingdom. The two were on an underwater dive off the coast of Cornwall when they spotted the cream-colored giant jellyfish. The size of the marine animal as it swam past her left Daly stunned.

"What an unforgettable experience. I know barrel jellyfish get really big in size but I have never seen anything like it before!" said Daly to CNN. But the expert also assured that these animals weren't that unusual. According to The Wildlife Trusts, the barrel jellyfish grows up to about 3 feet and weights up to 55 lbs. However, it is quite rare to find one that was as big as the one spotted by Daly.


"Their appearance is quite distinctive... They're the largest jellyfish you can get here in the UK waters," Daly said to CBS. "They're not a threat to humans. They have a mild sting, but wouldn't cause damage to humans." Daly who knew that the animal was not that dangerous spent almost an hour swimming around it.

The video that was filmed was edited and posted on Daly's Facebook page. "I couldn't think of a better way to finish the week in celebrating our incredible oceans," wrote Daly on her post.  The expert told CBS that the trip was a real-life adventure. "We saw everything from swimming with seals on the East to breaching minke whales, lunge feeding whales, dolphins and then finishing with the giant barrel jellyfish," said the expert to CBS.

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