Diana's Magical Bridal Gown Announced To The World She Was No Ordinary Princess

Diana's Magical Bridal Gown Announced To The World She Was No Ordinary Princess

Diana was never just a royal figure. but she was iconic in her own away. Be it style or opinions, Diana had her way of doing things and it inspired others. Her iconic wedding dress is also such a choice.

Princess Diana was not just a royal figure but also an epitome of beauty, elegance, and humanity. She captivated their hearts and was seen as one among them. She is unarguably one of the most loved and celebrated royals in history. She rewrote traditions and often stood out with her style choices and opinion. While we can recall many iconic moments from her life, one of her first moments was surely when she walked down the aisle in a custom-made gown that featured a 25-foot train. Reportedly, no royal has ever had a train longer than Diana's.


The spectacular gown made from taffeta and antique lace was the ultimate royal wedding gown with intricate embroidery and 10,000 pearls. Apart from those embellishments, the dress also had an 18-carat gold horseshoe studded with diamonds sewn into the embroidery. It was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel and was kept a secret in the fashion industry until the big day.


However, the beautiful and luxurious ivory silk gown with the train reportedly did not fit the coach that transported Diana and her father to the cathedral leaving the dress with creases. According to the Daily Mail, the dress had to be folded like a bedsheet to make it fit.  When the Princess arrived at the Cathedral, she looked like a dream in ivory with her beautiful smile and the famous tiara from the Spencer family.


Though years may have passed, it is difficult to forget the image of Diana walking down with Prince Charles. Diana looked nothing less than a princess out of a fairytale, with the gown's puffed sleeves and frilled bodice that perfectly hugged her slender figure. Her wedding dress is considered one of the most influential wedding dresses in British Royal History and has been an inspiration for thousands of brides.



Here are some more facts about the iconic dress:

1. Princess Diana was sewn into her dress

Suffering from bulimia, her weight often fluctuated leading to different dress sizes. In an interview, the Princess said that she was 29 inches around the waist when she was first measured for the dress. However, on her wedding day, she was 23½ inches. Having no choice, she was sewn into the dress.

2. The dress was a top-secret


Diana's dress was one of the most guarded dress in history. Afraid the dress would leak, the designers even made back up gowns for the wedding. Sources say that the dress details were released in sealed envelopes and the press was asked to open them only after Diana stepped into the glass coach at Clarence House

3. The dress was accidentally spilled with perfume


On the day of the wedding according to Diana's makeup artist Barbara Daly, Diana had accidentally spilled perfume on the gown. However, the makeup artist consoled Diana and assured her it would not be seen due to the layers of fabric.

4. Diana's dress was passed on to Prince William and Prince Harry’s trust after her death



Sadly, Princess Diana passed away on August 31, 1997. Her dress was then passed on to her brother  Earl Spencer, who guarded it till Prince William and Harry became older. Since they were teenagers when she passed away, her inheritance including her dress was kept with a trust. When Prince William became 30, Diana's dress was handed over to him.  The dress was left to both of her sons by the late princess.