Diana Cried Herself To Sleep After Harry's Birth Because Prince Charles Said His "Duty" As A Husband Was Over

Diana Cried Herself To Sleep After Harry's Birth Because Prince Charles Said His "Duty" As A Husband Was Over

Princess Diana could not believe her marriage was over. She yearned for her husband's love.

Princess Diana's marriage was nowhere close to perfect. At the time, not many knew of the tensions in her relationship with Prince Charles. The princess bore the pain of her loveless marriage for years. She was always in a race to be loved by her husband, who had set his heart for someone else.

His actions worried her and left her anxious but she covered it all under her beautiful smile. No matter what, the princess never gave up on her relationship but when Harry was born, she was certain that her relationship could never be repaired.

When Prince Harry was born in 1984, the princess cried herself to sleep. Her butler, Paul Burrell, who worked for her till the day she died witnessed that the incident.

"I could see the cracks in the marriage getting wider and wider. Diana confided in me that on the night Harry was born, she cried herself to sleep," revealed Burrell, years later, according to The Sun. He added, "She said, 'I knew my marriage was over.'"

The butler added that Prince Charles told Diana that his "duty" as a husband was over with the birth of Harry. He implied that he was no longer bound by anything that could take his eyes or heart off Camilla Parker Bowles.


"He’d provided the country with an 'heir and a spare', and could now resume his relationship with Miss Camilla Parker Bowles," said Burrell, according to The Sun. And without any surprise, Charles resumed his relationship with Camilla even when he knew his wife was longing for his love and company. Soon, the couple parted ways forever.

Meanwhile, Charles admitted that he never loved Diana. According to The Seattle Times in 1994, Charles stated his true feelings about Diana in a biography. When Diana heard of the news, she was hurt. However, she refrained from commenting on the matter.

"She is devastated. She can hardly believe what her husband has done to her. On the advice of her friends and presumably her lawyers, she is keeping her head down and saying nothing," said Diana's friend. Not only did he say he was never in love with her but he also said he was in a "nightmare marriage with a bored, bulimic, self-absorbed, and obsessively jealous young wife."


Nobody stopped the prince from hurting Diana through his harsh words. Buckingham Palace said that the prince had no regrets after discussing the details of his marriage with author Jonathan Dimbleby and the rest of the world. What he did was least apologetic about his insensitive comments. Charles even revealed that he was forced into a marriage with Diana because of his father, Prince Philip.


Apparently, Prince Philip wanted Charles to either marry or leave Diana as the reputation of her and the royal family was being "compromised" due to her visits to Balmoral castle. Charles admitted that his father's  "ultimatum" pressured him into getting married even though he was not sure of it.

He said he was in a "confused and anxious state of mind" when he married Diana. Besides his father's domineering tone, Charles had to think of his country, according to the New Yorker. While Charles selfishly went through with the marriage, Diana did not anticipate her marriage to be heartbreaking.


Soon after the wedding, Diana was lost in despair.  She ould "sit hunched on a chair, her head on her knees, quite inconsolable.... Yet she scoured every tabloid newspaper for photographs of herself, as if hoping to discover her identity there," according to the biography, reported The Seattle Times. The Prince stated that he "watched her tears flow and, on one occasion, he had sat much of the day alone with her, (while she was) bowed in silence, apparently insensible to his presence."


In the biography, Charles admitted to cheating on Diana. However, he said he went on with his affair only after he realized his marriage had failed. He even told the biographer that Camilla would be his closest friend. Eventually, after his divorce, he married her in 2005.