Demi Moore's Alcoholic Mother Shattered Her Childhood & Left Her Feeling She "Wasn't Wanted" As A Child

Demi Moore's Alcoholic Mother Shattered Her Childhood & Left Her Feeling She "Wasn't Wanted" As A Child

Demi Moore struggled with drugs and alcohol as an adult but she found her path to recovery.

Our upbringing plays a very important role in shaping the people we become. However, in spite of knowing how it can make or break a person, some parents fail to raise a child with the required care and attention. Famous Hollywood actress, Demi Moore unfortunately had a traumatic childhood.

Having been born to an alcoholic mother, Moore was put in circumstances no child should ever be in. Through her 2019 memoir, Inside Out, the actress opened up about that dark phase in her life.


Moore's mother left her broken forever after what she did to her at the age of 15.  Speaking to Diane Sawyer about the incident, Moore revealed that she came home one day to find a familiar old man with her mother in their apartment. The teenager was confused but the events that followed cleared the air. Her own mother allowed another man to sexually abuse her for money. 

The man raped Moore and left her in shame. Writing about the incident, Moore said, " It was rape. And a devastating betrayal, revealed by the man’s cruel question: how does it feel to be wh*red by your mother for $500?" according to The Guardian.

When asked by Swayer if she believed the words of the man, she stated, "I think, in my deep heart, no. I don’t think it was a straightforward transaction. But she still did give him the access, and put me in harm’s way.”


Moore's parents were alcoholic and very early in her life, she was exposed to experiences that had a lasting impact on her. Her family was constantly on the road, running away from people whom they borrowed money. Instabilities were part of Moore's life.

But what things worse was when her own mother scarred her with her actions. At the age of 12, Moore witnessed her mother's first suicide attempt. The helpless 12-year-old just wanted to save her mother and used her tiny hands to take out the pills her mother tried to swallow. 

Alluding to the incident, Moore wrote, "I remember using my fingers, the small fingers of a child, to dig the pills my mother had tried to swallow, out of her mouth, while my father held it open and told me what to do," according to Metro. The incident was a life-changing moment for the young girl.

"Something very deep inside me shifted then, and it never shifted back. My childhood was over," said Moore. However, that was not the only incident, in her book, Moore stated that her mother attempted suicide "many, many times."

Her already troubled life became even tougher when her parents got a divorce. The split also revealed a secret her mother was hiding from her.

She realized the man she believed to be her father was not actually her biological father. It broke Moore's heart. Moore could not believe that she was kept in the dark for so long by her mother. According to Fox News, she told herself, "I wasn’t wanted, or that I don’t deserve to be here.”


After the divorce, Moore was left under the care of her alcoholic mother. Instead of taking care of her daughter, her mother used the young girl to her advantage. She took her to bars hoping to attract men and shattered her innocence with no regrets.

Moore could not tolerate the emotional and mental pain of putting up with her mother. Soon, in an attempt to escape from her horrific life, she decided to drop out of high school.

She then left home and decided to try her luck in acting auditions, despite having no previous training or experience. "I mean, I was figuring it out, by the seat of my pants. The school of ‘fake it till you make it… I don’t have anything to lose. I don’t have anything, so why not?” according to Fox News.


Luckily, at the age of 19, Moore landed her big role in the soap opera General Hospital. However, despite the success in Hollywood, her past followed her. She too struggled with alcohol and later cocaine. She even suffered blackouts like her parents. Eventually, Moore found her way out.