To The Husbands Who Wonder Why Their Wives Are Frustrated All The Time, Read This.

To The Husbands Who Wonder Why Their Wives Are Frustrated All The Time, Read This.

She would be completely exhausted but would still push herself because she would do anything for you and your kids.

Doing the 9 to 5 job, staying away from your kids for the most part of the day can be difficult, especially for a new parent who would much rather spend time at home. However, what many fail to realize is that being a stay-at-home parent is no holiday. And yet there are some who wonder why their wives seem frustrated all the time. If you had to worry about an entire's family's needs, make sure everybody is fed and bathed, and still manage to see that nobody is bringing down the house, then you, too, would probably be frustrated all the time. That's what the life of your wife looks like and it's just the tip of the iceberg.

If you've ever wondered why your wife is so frustrated or angry all the time, here's what you need to know.

1. She's exhausted but still can't take a day off

From the time you both came back home from the hospital with your first baby, she's been exhausted. She's been the wife who understands your needs before you say them, and the mother who runs after the toddler all day and also makes time to patiently listen to the tantrums of your teenager. And she never complains. There are days where she goes to sleep utterly exhausted and wakes up feeling just as tired. But she pushes herself to get through the day, meeting your entire family's needs because she can't take a day off from being a mother.

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2. She's always worrying about you and your kids, never about herself

The only thoughts that run through her mind are about you and your kids. She wouldn't think twice before she puts all of your needs before her own. That's why she always says your favorite restaurant's name whenever you ask her where she would like to have dinner. And that's why she stays up all night, lying next to your child whenever they fall sick. There are so many things she does for the family that you're unaware of. It's only when she's gone for a day or two that you realize just how much your family depends on her.

3. She silently suffers from the changes of motherhood

If you take a good look at your wife, you will suddenly realize just how much she has changed over the years. The wrinkles on her face, the grey in her hair, the stretch marks, all the many signs of her carrying an entire family's burden. When you see her looking at herself in the mirror and if you see that she doesn't like what she sees, let her know that in your eyes, none of that matters. Tell her that all the changes of motherhood that she dislikes are actually signs of all the wonderful things she has done for you. And in your family's eyes, she will always be special no matter how she changes.

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4. She pushes herself beyond what her mind and body can handle

Your wife doesn't have the same energy that she once used to. But she will still push herself to work for hours because she just wants to see you and the kids happy. Having been a selfless mother and wife for years has been wearing her down. She often misses being her old, younger self. She misses those times where she was independent and could go out and catch up with her friends. While she would never change anything about motherhood, she still misses parts of her old life. That's why it would make a world of difference to her when you step in and give her a hand.

You love her and now it's time to show it

For years, your wife has been taking care of you and your family. Now you can step in and do more than what you might usually do. Start doing things like making dinner or doing the laundry. Let her sleep in while you get the lunch boxes ready for the kids. You can even get the children to help out and make sure they are cleaning their room or washing their own dishes.

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Sometimes, she just needs some time for herself. Hearing you say, "honey, you must be tired. Let me do it," would mean so much to her. Give her time to relax and do the things she loved doing before, without having to worry about you or the kids. While you take the kids out for ice cream, she can do whatever she wants to unwind and maybe even just do nothing for a while.

More importantly, don't forget to ask her what her opinions are. Tell her not to ignore her own needs and how you would respect her opinions. The small things you do could make a big difference to her, and soon, you might see that she's no longer frustrated all the time.

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