Dean Cain Gave up His Career for 18 Years to Raise His Son | His Own Father Abandoned Him at a Young Age

Dean Cain Gave up His Career for 18 Years to Raise His Son | His Own Father Abandoned Him at a Young Age

He stated unequivocally that his son's well-being came first and though it was tough for him, he prioritized his son's needs before his own.

Dean Cain is a well-known figure. For years, the actor has been a fixture on our televisions, whether he's portraying Superman or hosting our favorite reality program. However, becoming an actor wasn't his dream, he wanted to be a football player. However, a knee injury turned the course of his football career.

The actor is best remembered for his breakthrough appearance in the 1993 film Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which led to a string of starring and important parts. 

Dean George Tanaka was born on July 31, 1966, in Michigan. Sharon Tanaka and Roger Tanaka are his biological parents. Dean's biological father abandoned his family barely two years after marrying Dean's mother. His mother, however, went on and remarried when he was three years old. Dean Cain and his brother were formally adopted by her husband, filmmaker Christopher Cain.



Dean formally adopted the surname Cain. He spoke of his biological father to ABC News, "My biological father is Japanese. I never knew him, never met him." Roger Tanaka, Dean's birth father, reportedly remarried in 1982 but never attempted to mend his ties with his two boys.

Dean was renowned for being a lady's man who did not want to be tied down by marriage. He did, however, become a father in June 2000, when his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Torres, a model and former Playboy Playmate, gave birth to their son. To honor his adoptive father, he called his son Christopher. He was overjoyed to be a father, but his relationship with his son's mother deteriorated further, forcing the pair to struggle for custody of their kid.



Dean was not one to give up lightly, and he battled as hard as he could for custody of his kid. In 2011, his efforts were rewarded when he was granted exclusive custody of his son. He told ABC News, "I cook every meal for my child. If I don’t cook, he doesn’t eat. I cook a very mean steak. I’m also very good at taking the nine leftovers I have and turning it into something."

Being his son's primary caregiver was difficult, but he did everything he could to prioritize his son's needs before his own. It was tough for him to balance his obligations as a writer, producer, director, talk show host, and political analyst with his parental responsibilities, but he did it.



Dean didn't take on main parts again until his son was 18 and had graduated from high school. While fans were perplexed as to why the actor was declining offers, he stated unequivocally that his son's well-being came first. He told Closer Weekly, "I’m a very present father, and I would never do it otherwise. I’m blessed to be able to have the ability to do so many different things, and yet still be a father first. People are, like, ‘Haven’t you been aspiring for anything?’ Yeah, I’ve aspired for a life!"

Christopher Cain's mother also has two other children. Elijah and Isabelle are twins who spend a lot of time with their big brother and frequently visit the Cains. He told PEOPLE, "I’d do anything for those two … It can be defined as a broken home, but if you hang out at our house that’s the last thing you’ll think."





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