Daycare Worker Scribbles Note On Toddler's Belly Asking Mom To Pack More Diapers | Single Mom Of Two Furious

Daycare Worker Scribbles Note On Toddler's Belly Asking Mom To Pack More Diapers | Single Mom Of Two Furious

While the daycare worker has not been fired, it did open our eyes to a new world of immoralities and intolerance.

For new parents, leaving their child at a daycare comes with a lot of apprehension. It is not easy to part with them and trust that the caretakers will do everything to keep their children safe and happy, yet they do hope to find the best place for the kids. for the hours they are there. Parents who send their children to daycares not only put their faith in the organization but also bear high expenses to afford good facilities.

But certain cases show how the most important factor in child safety is not the facilities, but the people who are responsible for their care. There are many daycare workers who do exceptional work in creating a positive atmosphere for the kids, and then there are a few who make you wonder how on earth they landed the job. One such incident grabbed nation-wide attention.

Heather Chisum is a young mother of two kids, Fin, 1, and Milo, 3, who sends her kids to daycare as she has a full-time job. She was shocked to find a note written across her toddler's belly, in ink, shaming her into packing more diapers for him. Heather took to Facebook to share her experience.



Chisum said she was “furious” when she found the message — “Mom, I’m out of diapers” — on her son’s stomach, reports Fox 2. “I change his diaper this afternoon AND SEE THIS WRITTEN ON MY SON WITH MARKER,” she added.

The reason for the daycare worker doing this? The single mom with a full-time job had forgotten to see a note from them that asked for more diapers. She explains how they send a note every day in the child's lunchbox, and she had missed this one just once. “I’m a single mom with a full-time job and two very young children. SUE ME FOR NOT READING THE REPORT EVERY SINGLE DAY,” Chisum wrote on Facebook.

The 23-year-old shared the incident on social media to ask her friends if she was overreacting. “Am I right to be furious about this? Or am I overreacting?” As a concerned mom who needs support in trying or confusing times like these, she reached out to the community to help her. “I really need your opinions guys, because I’m about to barge in this daycare tomorrow morning and have some words.”

She went on to say that she sees several workers and teachers at the Center on a daily basis when she drops and picks up her kids, but none of them informed her that her kids have run out of diapers ever.  "Now keep in mind, I see several teachers at drop off and several at pick up, if I failed to see that he needs diapers a simple, 'Hey Heather, your son needs diapers maybe you missed the report' would have done the trick," she said. But instead, the daycare had scribbled "Mom I’m out of diapers pls read my report” she added.

After her Facebook post garnered public attention, the school reacted on the issue and fired the said worker. "We are aware of the incident at the school, and we are terribly sorry for the distress it has caused the family involved as well as all of our families. It was a breach of our professional ethics on the part of the teacher," said Cindy Carter DeCosta,  executive director of the Children's Education Center of the Islands. "The school has taken immediate action to remove the teacher from the school. We are reviewing protocols already in place to ensure that nothing like this occurs again." 

Chisum has been getting support from mothers on social media who think it is totally unfair to do such a thing.



Chisum deserves appreciation for bringing this issue to the light and refusing to let go of inappropriate action, especially when it involves toddlers.