Married for 21 Years, Victoria and David Beckham Cozy Up and Share Image of Their Everlasting Love in Rare Selfie

Married for 21 Years, Victoria and David Beckham Cozy Up and Share Image of Their Everlasting Love in Rare Selfie

The couple met in 1997 at a charity soccer match and David reportedly fell head over heels for Posh Spice.

Not all couples last a lifetime but some are lucky to have found their true love and spend a life with them. In Hollywood, a few decades together is not very common and when we see a couple who are making efforts to keep their marriage alive and have love between each other it's quite inspiring. Victoria, 46, and David Beckham, 45, one of the power couples of Hollywood, still know how to keep their love alive. 

The celebrity couple rarely pack on the PDA for the cameras to look at but a recent snap shared by the former pop star shows how their love is "aww-inspiring". They couldn't stop themselves from sharing their love for each other in a selfie recently. In the photo, David is seen kissing his wife on the forehead sweetly. Victoria is dressed in a pink top and sunglasses. The former soccer player looked casual in his simple grey T-shirt and sunglasses as well.


The famous couple probably spent a lot of time apart due to their busy careers but when the lockdown rules were applied earlier in March, they were able to spend oodles of time together. They isolated in their $7 million Cotswolds home in with children Romeo, 17, Cruz, 15, and Harper, 9. Their eldest child, Brooklyn, 21, was in New York with his fiancee Nicola Peltz, according to GoodtoKnow

The couple seems to have relit their spark in the last few months together and are showing it to the world as well. The couple has been plagued by rumors of infidelities over the years but both of them denied it.

Spending both of their birthdays and their 21st anniversary together during the lockdown may have helped them reconnect, just like many other couples. Before the lockdown, the couple also partied together at their son's 21st birthday. They looked every bit in love.


The pop star turned fashion designer was able to spend more time with her family while working from home, just like David. The couple shared many images from their countryside walks with their dogs and doing mini-shoots on the way. In one post, Victoria wrote, "Family time really is everything x We love you so much!! Kisses @davidbeckham"


Earlier in August, the proud mom was also happy that her boys were back together and she shared a photo of her three sons with husband David.


Their eldest son, Brooklyn, returned to her an engaged man and they would be planning the wedding soon. The couple, who have a joint fortune of around £800million,  have created the most successful family brand in the world as Kim and Kanye lag behind with only £500million, according to the SUN UK

They have had their doubts about the relationship and are honest about it. David described married life as "hard work" while Victoria confessed that she was scared that by the time they hit their 20th anniversary they would have nothing left to say to each other. However, their photos from a romantic break in Paris together paint a different picture.


"Right now they are in an entirely different place compared to recent years. It’s totally true they’ve had some bad moments during their marriage – who hasn’t? But getting to the 20 mark was a massive thing for both of them, which just made them feel incredibly lucky and sort of helped them really appreciate each other. They’ve gone from a gooey romantic love to a really strong love. They see themselves as family, as parents and soulmates. And they are really proud of each other. It’s a genuinely good time," a source told the newspaper. 

The soccer player and the Spice Girls member had met at a charity football match in 1997, and David fell in love instantly with Posh Spice, who was back then one of the most famous pop stars in the world. However, Victoria has revealed that she first saw him on TV and asked her manager so she could meet him.