Daughter Devastated After Mom Had To Die Alone | "Covid-19 Stopped Me Holding My Dearest Mum’s Hand In Her Final Moments"

Daughter Devastated After Mom Had To Die Alone | "Covid-19 Stopped Me Holding My Dearest Mum’s Hand In Her Final Moments"

Caroline Hopton said the loss of her mother was devastating but she even more pained as she could not bid farewell to her dear mum.

With the spread of coronavirus across the globe, many families were forced to bid farewell to many of their loved ones. One woman who could not even spend time with her mother during her last moments paid an emotional tribute to her on social media. 

According to Mirror Online, Caroline Hopton's mother died of COVID-19 after being admitted to the hospital on 14 March 2020. She took to Twitter to speak of her mother's last moments, according to the Independent. She stated that her mother died "alone" in the isolation ward. "Covid-19 stopped me holding my dearest mum’s hand in her final moments last night. She died alone in isolation after being admitted early Sat. AM and was put in isolation ‘just in case’," wrote the emotional woman on Twitter, according to Mirror Online.


She further went on to say that being away from her mother during her last moments increased the gravity of her pain. "It made losing her even more devastating," said the grieving daughter. The woman in pain concluded the tweet by asking how many families would have to deal with such a situation. Hopton's experience is similar to many families who went through such ordeals over the past few weeks.


According to the New York Post, an Italian couple, Luigi Carrara and Severa Belotti married for 60 years lost their lives just 2 hours apart from each other on 10 March 2020. Their son Luca Carrara told the media of their heartbreaking last moments. "They died alone, that’s how this virus works," said Luca, according to NZ Herald.

"Your loved ones are left alone and you can’t even say goodbye, hug them, try to give them some comfort. [You can’t even tell them] a good lie like, ‘Everything will be fine,’" continued the devastated son. Just like Hopton, Luca too stated that their deaths in isolation impacted him and the rest of the family severely. 

"In one day I lost both my parents. But as my father always said, let's move on," said the man, according to Daily Mail.

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