Daughter Saves Mother From Domestic Abuse by Calling 911 in the Guise of Ordering Pizza

Daughter Saves Mother From Domestic Abuse by Calling 911 in the Guise of Ordering Pizza

The dispatcher took a while to understand what the woman had been trying to communicate but it all turned out well in the end.

Seeing anyone we love going through a violent experience can't be an easy experience. For most people, the fight or flight mode kicks in and what we do next could be a very primal instinct. Some people freeze when they feel fear, some choose to leave the situation, while some others might find ways to push back even if it doesn't mean a physical altercation.

A 38-year-old woman in Ohio recently acted at the knick of time and saved her mother, 57, from being violently abused at home. The way she acted was quite innovative and it might have almost put her in danger too. However, her call to the 911 went overlooked by the abuser because she didn't sound like she was making a distress call at all. 

The woman called up 911 pretending to "order pizza" in Oregon and the dispatcher who took the call almost didn't understand what she was trying to tell him. 
"I would like to order a pizza," the caller said and gave an address to Tim Teneyck, who replied, "You called 911 to order a pizza?"

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"Uh … yeah," she said, according to WashingtonPost

Initially, Tim told her that she called the wrong number but she said that she called the right one and it wasn't a mistaken dial. "No, you're not understanding," the woman from a suburb east of Toledo told him, as per CNN. "I’m getting you now, OK. ... The guy still there?"

"Yeah, I need a large pizza," the caller said, before specifying pepperoni, according to NBCNews

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Once he caught on that something more serious was happening he asked her some yes and no questions. Through his questions, he realized that it was an incident of alleged domestic violence, and it finally led to the arrest of a man on a domestic violence charge. 

"Alright, turn your sirens off before you get there," Tim said in the dispatch call to police, according to CNN. "Caller ordered a pizza, and agreed with everything I said. There's domestic violence going on."

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The Oregon police are now hailing the woman for her quick thinking of the woman, who wanted her mother to be saved from further harm. Her mother had reportedly already been punched, pushed into a wall and threatened with more violence. None of this could have been easy for the person witnessing it either.

"This code is not a code that automatically means something," said Tim, referring to the fake pizza call. He said that he never got a call in this way and he realized that she was not intoxicated. Her insistence that she had called the right number had also alerted to the gravity of the situation.

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According to the police, Simon Ray Lopez, 56, came home intoxicated and hit the caller's mother. Lopez was charged on one count of "domestic violence knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to family or household member," according to the police report. Lopez also was charged with one count of "failure to appear," the report said.