Bride Heartbroken After Her Father Chooses To Go For Vacation With His New Wife Instead Of Attending Her Wedding

Bride Heartbroken After Her Father Chooses To Go For Vacation With His New Wife Instead Of Attending Her Wedding

One Reddit user did not want her father's new wife and kids to attend her wedding. But, she wanted her father to be part of her big day.

Every daughter dreams of her father holding her hands and walking her down the aisle. No matter how angry you are at them, this is something most daughters look forward to. Their special day would not be complete without their dad by their side. Therefore, knowing that your own father had decided to choose somebody else over you and your special day is heartbreaking. 

One daughter took to Reddit to address the issue she faced with her father. The woman under the name Toastyghosty48272 informed users that she never had a great relationship with her father. She told them that her father had cheated on her mother when she was just 14. The man then went on to marry another woman. "Basically I don’t have the best relationship with my dad already. He cheated on my mom when I was 14 and later married his mistress, who’s my current stepmom although I don’t call her any sort of “mom.” They have 3 kids together," wrote the 26-year-old. 

She added that unlike her, her other siblings had managed to become close to her father. "Over the years my own siblings have become really close to his kids but I haven’t,' stated the woman.  

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However, after planning to get married, she was pressured by her siblings to invite her father along with his current family. But, the woman who was not in favor of the idea decided to invite only her father to her big day. Her idea was not supported by her extended family. They insisted on inviting her father's family including her stepmother and her step-siblings. Unable to deal with the pressure, the woman gave in with a condition. She decided to invite her stepfamily only to the reception. She even sent out an email explaining the reasons for such a decision. 

"I was FURTHER pressured to invite his kids, but only to the latter half of the reception and not the ceremony (I stood my ground). I sent an email explaining my logic and decision to the entire extended family, in case anyone was confused why I did not want these people at my ceremony," wrote the soon to be bride. 

Hoping she had done the right thing, she looked forward to having her dad at her wedding. However, she was stunned by the events that followed. Her father called her and informed her that he would not be attending the wedding because he was humiliated by her decision. He even added that he would be sending her a gift via mail. He said he was instead going for a vacation with his family. 

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"..he won’t be coming to my wedding after all after how “rude” I’ve been to his wife and kids and how my email supposedly humiliated them. He says he’ll be going on vacation with them that week and will send his gift through the mail instead," said the woman. 

Disappointed by her father, she decided to cut all contacts with him. She told users that her fiance supported her decision, however, her mother and siblings were not very impressed with her "tactics."

Reddit users sympathized with her and shared their experiences. "Oh baby girl. The hurt that’s still there inside you after your parents broke up is gonna eat you alive," wrote one. "She's a pretty solid case study for why therapy after a divorce is crucial for kids... It's like she just completely stopped maturing emotionally when the divorce happened," wrote another. Some even shared how they regretted not having their father at their wedding.  However, some said her decision of not called her stepfamily was a "shitty move."