Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman Separated After 40 Years & Live Separately But Will Never Get A Divorce|"We’re Friends" He Says

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman Separated After 40 Years & Live Separately But Will Never Get A Divorce|"We’re Friends" He Says

Danny DeVito & Rhea Perlman are good friends and wonder why it is difficult for other separated couples to be good friends.

When relationships take a complex or ugly turn with never-ending differences, couples decide to separate and legally divorce for good. They believe it is the best option. But some couples think differently. Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are such a couple. In spite of separating, the couple does not want to go through a divorce. 

Speaking of divorce, Rhea Perlman said they would "never" go forward with it. "But, I’m not getting divorced," she added. "No, no, no. What for? We do live separately. We see each other a lot too," said the woman in 2019 while appearing on the on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, according to People.

She further added, "It’s not in his face or in mine. It was a hard transition... but everything smoothed out. Everybody’s got a good relationship with Danny, and with me and each other. That’s all we care about."


The unconventional outlook sparked questions among fans. One asked her how she and DeVito manage to keep up their friendship. "I don’t know why it’s difficult for other people, but Danny and I have always loved each other and we have three amazing children together. We really agree on almost everything important," said the Poms actress. “You know, we were together for 40 years. 40 years is a long time, you might have to do something else!" said the actress.

She further went on to say that their separation has not changed a lot about their relationship. When Cohen asked them how much they stay in touch, the actress replied, "A lot. We talked today."

She added that their relationship was "much better" than before due to the absence of all the "tense stuff." DeVito too shared the same feelings. He claimed that they were close friends. “We’re friends. We’re happy. Everybody’s happy," said the actor to People.


The couple announced their split in 2012 and rumors said it was DeVito's roving eye that caused it. According to Radar Online,  Michael Douglas, a close friend of the couple even tried to get them back together.

"Michael loves Rhea and he told Danny he will never find another woman quite like her. They complement each other perfectly and are the best of friends," said a source. according to Radar Online.  

"He said he should do whatever it takes to win Rhea back and come to his senses fast before it is too late. It’s because of Michael they are talking to each other. They are still trying to work things out, and for the moment they are just good friends, but they are heading in the right direction," continued the source.


The couple eventually settled for what was best suited for them. Though they got back together in 2013 after their brief split, they decided to part ways again in 2017. However, nothing negates the 40 glorious years they spend with each other. 

After meeting each other in 1971, their relationship quickly escalated to the next level. Just two weeks after the meeting, they moved in to together, according to CheatSheet.  “I was in a play off-Broadway, at the Mercury Theater, and I was playing this demented stable boy, I’m sitting on the edge of the stage, spitting into the orchestra pit. The young girl, who I was having my way with [in the play], the landowner’s daughter, comes out and she says, ‘Richie, what are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m spittin’ on the swans.’ She was Rhea’s girlfriend, Rhea came to see the show, and Rhea saw me," said the Seinfeld actor, about their first meeting. He stated that they hung out a bit that day.


Recalling that day, Rhea stated that chemistry was just "instant." Soon they exchanged numbers and went on to get married.

Though they did not seem like the ideal couple in terms of their looks to others, the couple paid no heed. The couple shares three children together and even worked together several times.