7 Things Your Partner Does That Indicate You Should Leave Before They Leave You Wounded

7 Things Your Partner Does That Indicate You Should Leave Before They Leave You Wounded

Even before they get a chance to betray you, their behavior will give you early signs that show you how they will leave you heartbroken.

When you fall deeply in love, it's amazing at first! But with time, you start becoming blind to certain things — some good, some bad, and some that can push you down a path of pain, it starts to feel like a point of no return in the relationship. It's only after your partner and you have spent enough time in close quarters and faced hurdles together that you begin to truly understand each other. There are certain things that stand out as a red flag, provided we're paying attention. This is especially important to ensure  

1. They pull you into arguments where you're the only one compromising

Rather than having an honest and open conversation about your problems, if your partner chooses to argue for everything, it could be dangerous for you in the long run. It's worse if they pull you into hurtful fights and throw all the blame on you, where you're the only one compromising while they never take responsibility for their actions.

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2. They insult you and exaggerate your weakness in front of others

You may be someone who looks past a person's flaws and loves them for all that they come with. But if your partner can't do the same for you, they start being nitpicky and will use hurtful words to insult you. When you see that they don't hesitate to make fun of you in front of others and exaggerate your weaknesses, it could be their way of weakening your self-esteem and stopping you from standing up for yourself.

3. They try to control who you meet and what you do 

Being in the company of an overly possessive partner, who keeps a check on where you go and what you do can indicate that they don't trust you and might never be able to because of their own insecurities. They might constantly keep tabs on you and check your phone. But if you ever try to confront them about something wrong that they were doing, they will become extremely defensive and blatantly give you the most convincing lies.

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4. They take the love of their family, and sometimes yours, for granted

Seeing that your partner never appreciates the support their loved ones could show that they don't value the important people in their life. For instance, if they disrespect their mother despite all that she does for them, it could be a sign that they take people for granted, and might start doing the same with you.

5. They promise you one thing and go around doing the opposite

Once is forgivable, twice is still tolerable. But if your partner keeps breaking their promises over and over again, they might not be worth the trust and honesty that you give to the relationship. When they say one thing to you and then go behind your back to do something extremely hurtful, it shows that you can't trust their word. Telling you assuring words is one thing, but it's not worth it if they can't put those words into action.

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6. They can only see their needs and turn a blind eye to yours

If your partner makes every conversation and every argument about themselves, it shows that they have a complete disregard for what you feel. In their world, it's only their priorities that matter and they can't look past that; and this nature of their's spills over onto your relationship. They rule out all your opinions and don't bother about what your needs are because they can't look past their own.

7. They force you to think that it's wrong to feel hurt sometimes

It's human to feel hurt by the wrong things that your partner does. But when you see that they belittle your feelings even after they hurt you, it's a dangerous sign. Rather than feeling sorry and apologizing for what they have done, if you see that they start demeaning your feelings by calling you sensitive or jealous or anything else negative, it could be their way of making you think your feelings, even the valid ones, are not justified.

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