Dangerous Tornado Hits Chicago Confirms NWS, Causing Extensive Damage & Leaving Thousands Without Electricity

Dangerous Tornado Hits Chicago Confirms NWS, Causing Extensive Damage & Leaving Thousands Without Electricity

People came together to clean the littered streets. They removed the fallen trees and other things that hindered movement.

Chicago saw high winds and heavy rains causing havoc in the area on 10 August 2020. According to Chicago Tribune, the destructive gusts of wind resulted in the roofs being ripping off, trees falling, and the loss of electricity in many parts. Meanwhile, officials stated that the area dodged the serious warnings of tornadoes and hail in the size of golf balls.


As per the National Weather Service, the massive damage caused in the area is due to the derecho, which means "a long line of storms packing high winds" that came from Iowa with a speed that surpassed 100mph. The storms then blew across Illinois and into Indiana with winds of 40 to 70 mph.

Initially, the services had issued warnings for tornados. According to CBS Chicago, warnings were issued for Cook County, northern Lake, and northeastern McHenry counties. Kane, Kendall, and DuPage counties along with parts of Will County were also given a warning notice. However, the warning signs have gone off in many of the areas.


Meanwhile, NBC Chicago confirmed that a tornado did hit the Rogers Park neighborhood at approximately 4 PM on Monday. This is after the National Weather Service finished investigating the reports and assessing the damages. "It was crazy, madness, really dark. I was really scared," said a Rogers Park resident, Jasman O'Connell, to NBC Chicago.


Though no deaths or injuries have been reported, the storm has caused a lot of damage, leaving many in distress. "It was still a rather impressive storm. We’re getting tons of reports of downed large trees and power lines down, and debris thrown through the walls of houses," said meteorologist Bryan Leatherwood, according to Chicago Tribune.


Witnesses described the events that caused catastrophic damage in the area. "You could just hear the motion of everything – the trees and leaves and everything – cracking, and I just ran to my house. I told my daughter, grabbed my little one, and down we went," said Adrian Covarrubias, according to CBS Chicago.

Another witness, Pauline Cirignani said, "We stood by the window and we were just looking, and then a tree came falling right in our windows. We grabbed the dogs, the cats, and we went to the basement."


Many people helplessly watched the storms destroy their valuable properties. "We realized afterwards that our car was right there. The windows were all cracked. The sunroof that I had to have is cracked through; glass everywhere," said Adriana Zalloni.

Another spectator stated that he thought the events were scary though it caused no physical harm to anyone. "I'm just fortunate that nobody was home. It would have been scary anyways, even if there was no bodily harm," said Ray Velasquez, according to ABC Chicago.


Besides, thousands lost power supply in the area. According to NBC Chicago, as of 6 AM CST, ComEd reported that nearly 390,000 residents of the Chicago area were without power. ComEd informed that it would be days till the power supply gets normally restored. They also added that families should take adequate measures to ensure their safety.

On the other hand, the heavy storm and winds showcased the unity and love of people to help each other through the difficult situation. People gathered together to clean up the littered streets and removed trees and branches that disrupted movement.


"We had maybe 50 people come out of nowhere. First, it was about 20 people and then it grew to about 50 to 60 people, coming around and sawing," said Ian Woodbury, who was one among the many who helped to clear the neighborhoods.

Another person added, "It’s great that we see everybody come together. No agendas – everybody just coming together to help," according to CBS Chicago.


The adverse weather has also made the trains non-operational. Trains between O’Hare and Rosemont are not functional due to the accumulated debris on the tracks. Trains running on the Brown Line have also been canceled due to the same reason.