In His Final Days Of Battling Cancer, Selfless Dad Moves Out So His Children Don't Have To Watch Him Suffer

In His Final Days Of Battling Cancer, Selfless Dad Moves Out So His Children Don't Have To Watch Him Suffer

Mike Ryan lived his entire life for his family. He did not want them to struggle mentally or emotionally because of his illness. He asked them not to conduct a funeral and even moved out of his house.

A father is a shield for his family. He protects and cares for them even if he is in the most stressful situation of his life. Such is the tale of Mike Ryan who unconditionally loved his family. Even though his body gave up, he was there for his children and his partner till the last moment. The man who battled cancer even moved out of his home towards his last days as he did not want his children to watch the pain he was undergoing.

According to Mirror Online, Mike Ryan, father of two wanted to protect his family even while he underwent excruciating pain. The man, diagnosed with leukemia, did not want his children to watch there dad in pain so he moved out of his house. He even asked his family not to organize a funeral as it would put them under financial burden.


Mike was first diagnosed with the deadly illness in 2017. After a bone marrow transplant and repeated sessions of chemo, the young man was finally free of his sickness. However, fate was not in his favor for long. In 2018 August, the 35-year-old man was once again under the threat of cancer. This time, he was told by his doctors that he had two weeks and two months to live.

As he knew his days were approaching he moved out of his home in Baguley into a flat. He did not want his children to even know that he was in severe pain. Though his heath was drastically falling apart, he continued to be the best father and partner he could be. He cared for his autistic son and his family until he was physically unable to.


Though his doctors had given him very less time, the heartbroken father was determined to hang on till December. He wanted to spend one last festive holiday with his 9-year-old boy Charlie who was autistic, his 10-year-old girl Paige and his lovely partner Lauren. Though his health was deteriorating, his will power enabled him to push through. Mike made it to December but was bedridden in the hospital.  On January 3rd, he woke up with exuberance and spend the day opening gifts and celebrating with his children.


Not even Mike knew it was his last few hours with his family, 24 hours later he went into a deep sleep and never woke up again. "He faced it once and he beat it. We thought he would get better so we didn't have time to save for it," said Gabby, his sister quoted Mirror Online. Mike had requested his family not to organize a funeral service for him, the family unwillingly gave in to his last wishes. "He wanted a non-ceremonial cremation so we had to respect his wishes, we had to come to that decision. He wouldn't let anyone do it. My mum wanted to get a loan but he fully refused, he didn't ever want to put that on anyone, he was such a good guy. (Not having a funeral) was harder than it all," said Gabby. 


She said that not having a funeral ceremony made it hard for the family but they had to respect the wishes of Mike who did everything he could to reduce the burden. "We'll never have closure as a family. We never got to say goodbye. You can't put that into words. It's taken everyone a while to get back to work. It's been so hard," said Gabby

Remembering his selfless act, Lauren's friend Gemma Rothwell is trying to raise money for his memorial service. His family hopes to have a headstone of Mike that his children could visit. "Everyone knows that eventually you will have to say goodbye to grandparents, or parents, but you can't compare this to anything. He wasn't just a brother and son, he was there for everyone, he was such a good friend. Everything that he did was for others," said Gabby.