Parents Abandoned Their Wheelchair-Bound 12YO In Locked House Unattended For Weeks After Moving Away To A New House

Parents Abandoned Their Wheelchair-Bound 12YO In Locked House Unattended For Weeks After Moving Away To A New House

Police discovered a video clip that showed the father leaving food on the floor and leaving within minutes.

Children expect their parents to care for them and rely on them for guidance and support. They trust their parents and believe everything they do for them is for their well being. However, some parents forget their responsibilities and neglect their kids. One such heartbreaking incident was reported from Kansas City. The heartless parents abandoned their child in a house. 

According to Local12, Janine Allen and Brendon Luke left their 12-year-old wheelchair-bound boy with cerebral palsy in a house for weeks after they moved out. The couple only returned periodically with food and water.


The incident came to light only after residents informed the police about the abandoned boy. This prompted an investigation in early June 2020 and the police discovered the shocking events, according to the New York Times.

When the officers approached the parents and asked about the boy, the mother stated that the boy was fine through a doorbell camera. She even told them that she could see him through the camera and he was doing well. 

The officers learned that they monitored the boy through an in-home video system from the couple's new home which was miles away. Allen explained that they observed their boy through a two-way radio and camera that alerted them in case of any movement or noise inside the house.

She added that the boy could dial 911 and even had her phone number as an emergency contact. When questioned about why the boy was left alone in a Blue Springs home, the mother stated that she did not want him to damage the walls of their new house.


The police then investigated the house where the child was left for weeks. They found feces on the wall and claimed that the house smelt of urine. They also found a telephone with no dial tone.

Later, the officers also found a video where the boy requested his parents to let him out. “I want out. I don’t like this, mommy," said the boy in the home surveillance clip, according to the New York Times. 

The police discovered a video that showed the child trying to break free from the locked room using a small piece of wire for more than 20 minutes. Another video showed the father throw food on the floor of the room and leave the house within six minutes. The officers also noted that the couple's new home was “extremely large in size”  and had enough room to house all their kids.

A Children’s Mercy clinic informed the officers that the boy should not have been left unsupervised as he was "medically complex."

A school resource officer also stated that the boy needed a helping hand with mobility, using the bathroom, and even eating food. They also stated that the boy had come to the clinic with a “suspicious” broken arm. According to the court documents, the arm broke after an altercation with the mother.


On the other hand, a Children’s Division worker, who worked with the family said that the child was “increasingly violent” towards the family and had to be rehabilitated into a residence. However, his mother delayed the completion of the documents required for the move and left the boy unattended. The worker informed that they were unaware of the family's actions. 

Upon further question, Allen stated that the boy was left locked in the house since Mother Day that is 10 May 2020. She added that it was their best option to save their family from the boy's violence. 

Jackson County Family Court obtained custody of the boy and moved him into a facility in southern Missouri. Meanwhile, each of his parents is being held on a $250,000 bond on charges of child neglect and felony.

However, the mother's attorney P. J. O’Connor said there was more to the case. “I’ve just entered my appearance on the case and there is a lot more to the story than what’s been presented in the probable cause statement."