Cruel Mother Abandons Little Daughter On Roadside, Throws Out Her Clothes & Drives Away With Boyfriend

Cruel Mother Abandons Little Daughter On Roadside, Throws Out Her Clothes & Drives Away With Boyfriend

The heartless mother conceded the crime and claimed the child was frustrating her.

Children are precious and are a blessing to every parent. But not everyone values them and understands the true gift that they are. An incident that proved that statement happened in Queens, New York. A little girl was abandoned at a dangerous place by her own mother and her boyfriend.


 A 6-year-old girl identified as Emma was dumped at a busy intersection in New York on 18 May 2020. The girl was found by a kind woman, Mishka Peart. Contrary to her usual days, Peart was on her way for a quick work out in the morning.

On her way, she noticed a little girl on a busy intersection in Laurelton, Queens. The considerate woman pulled over just to know why a little girl was wandering aimlessly at a dangerous spot. The little girl wearing a surgical mask with a garbage bag full of clothes ran to the woman after dropping her bag. On seeing the young girl approach her leaving her bag behind, Peart motioned her to get her belongings.


"Then, she ran to the sidewalk, and she kept looking at me," said Peart, according to NY Daily News. She continued, "I asked her where she was going and she said, 'I don’t know.' I said, 'Where are your parents?'" The little girl's reply shocked the 30-year-old. 

"I don’t know," the girl answered. "They drove off and left me."  "I said ‘They left you? What does that mean?'" said Peart. Though she was astonished by the cruel incident, she knew what she had to do for the innocent girl. 

The woman drove the girl to the school safety agents at Montbellier Park. She then informed them of the incident to the agents. They, in turn, called the police officers at the 105th Precinct. Upon investigation, they discovered heartbreaking footage of the event. 

Emma's mom, Patrice Chambers and her boyfriend Mark Pamphile, was seen leaving the girl at the intersection at around 11:30 AM. The couple, who were residents of Central Islip in Suffolk County, threw the little girl's belonging through the window. According to the court paper, the footage showed the little girl  "running in the street... attempting to pick up the items in the street," according to NY Daily News

Apart from leaving the kid on the street, they also send a message to the girl's father, Kermit Watson, according to the prosecutors. Pamphile complained Emma was not sleeping and asked Watson to get his daughter. "You better come get your daughter. Your daughter is in the street not sleeping nowhere. She is crying like a little b----," said the heartless man. The prosecutors also added that a child could be heard crying in the background on the voice mail.


On being questioned, the couple claimed that Chambers took the child to her father's house but he refused to take her. However, it was proved a lie after the father rejected the accusations.  "Are you crazy? That never happened," said the father to the police. Additionally, the CCTV footage from Watson's home was in favor of his statement. They were no recordings of Chambers at his place. Watson also added that he had hardly seen the woman since their break up four years ago. 

On further questioning, Chambers came clean and took responsibility for her crime. She stated she was "frustrated" with her daughter that she decided to leave her at the intersection.  The couple was charged with child endangerment. Pamphile, who was taken to court with the woman said, "This kid is her kid. This kid is not my kid, not my problem, not my responsibility." He had convinced the mother-of-three to abandon all her children except the one she had with him. The statements astonished the court. The couple was later released.


Meanwhile, Pamphile's mother revealed other heart-wrenching details about the event. "The mother said 'OK, let’s drop the baby there.' And then Mark said 'You sure?' And then she said ‘Yes’ or something. That’s the part we don’t understand," said Mark's mom. Having been a foster mother for years, the woman said she was ready to look after Emma if her relatives left her hanging. 

"I want to help her if I can. This is a safe house. Many pass through here and don’t want to leave," said the anonymous woman. Fortunately, Emma was taken in by her relatives.

On the other hand, Peart is happy she could save the little girl. "Anyone else could have picked her up. She could have been abused. She could have been killed. I can’t imagine someone could do that to a child, let alone their own child," said the woman to CBS New York.

She added, "I’m just happy that I’m the one who pulled up. When the detectives told me that it was within seconds of her being thrown out of the car, I was like — I was put there. I was meant to be there."