Murderous Husband Super Glues Wife's Skull Together To Make Her Death Look Like An Accident

Murderous Husband Super Glues Wife's Skull Together To Make Her Death Look Like An Accident

The husband convinced his wife's family that she had died after falling off the stairs.

Trigger warning:  The story contains graphic details that may be distressing to some readers. 

One family from Ecuador was left heartbroken by the sudden death of their daughter. Though they did not suspect any foul play initially, the family was shocked to realize that their beloved girl was the victim of a brutal murder. 

According to Mirror Online, the family of 30-year-old Lisbeth Baquerizo was informed that she had died after falling down the stairs on 21 December 2020.  "You have to come quickly. Lisbeth is dead," said the woman's father-in-law to her parents. 


The devastated family members rushed to her husband, Luis Hermida's home to bid farewell to their daughter. 

When they arrived at the house,  Lisbeth's in-laws told them not to contact the police. They also assured that they were going to take care of all the funeral arrangements, Though the mourning family was surprised by the hastily arranged coffin and other funeral preparations, they did not have any reason to suspect Luis or his family. 


Luis dated Lisbeth for 11 years before tying the knot and had been married for about a year. 

However, Lisbeth's mother Kathy grew suspicious of her daughter's death after she noticed an injury above her eyes during her wake. When she raised questions, Luis told her that the injury was the result of a mugging incident. 

Soon, Kathy was approached by one of Lisbeth's friends at the wake. The friend told the grieving mother that her daughter was physically assaulted by Luis. Shocked by the news, Kathy walked out of the wake and informed the authorities of the things she had discovered. 


Consequently, Lisbeth's body was exhumed. According to the Daily Mail, Kathy stated, "I jumped on her, tried to revive her, but I noticed that she was already rigid, all the muscles were hardened."

An autopsy conducted revealed that the women died of contusions and puncture wounds that were caused by  a "massacre of blows." It was also found that Luis tried to cover up the wounds on Lisbeth's body with the help of super glue. He allegedly glued her skull back together after bludgeoning her to death. 


According to the Daily Mail, Kathy said, "I complained to the forensic doctor, because he had shaved my girl's head, at that moment he pointed out the wounds that would have killed her and the ones that they put glue on, surely with the intention of covering the cuts."

With all the evidence against the husband, he became the prime suspect in the case. Since his arrest warrant, the man has been on the run. 

The incident has left Lisbeth's parents in incomprehensible pain. Moreover, they are trying to find answers to why their girl was subjected to such a gruesome fate.  "I don't understand what happened, why he did it. He and his family tried to deceive us, they lied to us, they wrapped us up, they took advantage of our pain. They did that whole scene, they told us my daughter had fallen. Now they don't answer the phone, they don't show their faces, just listening to the lies they have told tears my soul," said Kathy. 

She added, "My daughter was a working woman, they had no right to slaughter her like that. They wanted to fake a domestic accident and now they want to deny us justice."