Cruel Groom Slaps Bride On The Face After She Playfully Doesn't Feed Him The Wedding Cake, Leaving Her & Guests Shocked

Cruel Groom Slaps Bride On The Face After She Playfully Doesn't Feed Him The Wedding Cake, Leaving Her & Guests Shocked

The bride fell back on to the seat behind her and held her face in shock and fear.

Weddings are joyous moments that capture the love, romance, and happiness of two people hoping to start a family together. While this is the usual vibe, some ceremonies take unexpected turns.

One wedding from Central Asia saw an angry, heartless groom resorting to physical violence on their special day. He lashed out and assaulted his bride when she tried to be a little playful with him.

According to Daily Mail, the groom slapped his bride in front of guests after she teased him with a piece of cake. The footage captured showed the bride pretending to move the piece of cake away from the groom's mouth. It is then that the senseless groom raises his hand against the woman he just married.

The woman, who was clearly not expecting to be slapped on her wedding day stumbled back on to the seat behind her as a result of the assault. One of the other male guests grabs the groom while some guests comfort the devastated and embarrassed bride.


The initial few seconds of the clip showed a woman lifting the veil of the bride. The groom is then seen feeding her with a piece of cake. Next, it was the bride's turn to return the favor. She picks up a piece of cake and moves it away from the groom's face for a second. Instead of taking it as a silly, playful joke, the groom slapped the woman with rage.

His slap was so strong that it sent the woman reeling back and falling on the chair. Guests standing by the bride comforted her while she held on to her face with pain. However, with the clip ending there, it is not sure if anyone stood up against the abusive groom.


Meanwhile, the clip enraged people online. His behavior could never be justified and people were shocked to see someone treat his bride with such disrespect. Many hoped the bride wouldn't go through with the rest of the ceremony. "That guy needs to be taught a lesson in human rights and the woman needs to file for an annulment, ASAP!" wrote one social media user, according to the Daily Mail. Another wrote, "I hope she never went through with the wedding." 

While some of us might think such men and these kinds of incidents might be rare, you may be surprised to know this is not the first. A video that surfaced the net in 2017, showed another psycho groom hiring his bride on their wedding day. The video which was allegedly shot in the Middle East featured a man slapping his bride's hand after she pulled a forkful of wedding cake away from his open mouth. The poor bride was soo startled and held on to her wrist in pain. Her wedding glow quickly faded into a state of shock.


Another video from 2015 also captured a similar incident. This time, the groom could not overcome his anger just by abusing the bride. After hitting his bride for denying him the pleasure of instantly having the cake, he went on to knock the things around. Unable to control his rage, the man slapped the cake in the ground and even knocked down the table. Just like the previous stories, the helpless bride froze in fear and the audience watched the action sequence in shock.

Physical abuse is a major red flag in relationships and no woman should go through with it. In fact, risking your own protection and safety is not worth it. If a man cannot respond to a joke and be silly at his wedding, he is clearly not fit to share a life or laugh with.