Couple Married for 44 Years Dies of Covid While Holding Each Other’s Hands

Couple Married for 44 Years Dies of Covid While Holding Each Other’s Hands

A married couple from Newhampshire died of Covid-19 a few moments apart.

William and Carol Stewart from New Hampshire contracted COVID during the holidays. They died on December 30 at around 9:12 PM, just a few moments apart from each other, reports PEOPLE. Their family has set up a GoFundMe which states that the couple was admitted to the Parkland Medical Center where they lost their battle to the virus. Tim Steward, their nephew, wrote on their fundraiser page, "Bill and Carol peacefully passed away hand in hand with their loved one's bedside. They fought a long and hard battle with covid, both intubated and on life support."




Tim adds, "I truly believe that the power of prayers and all the kind words that have been shared over the past few weeks is what kept them fighting." He emphasizes the fact that we never know how much time we have left with anyone, "It also kept us hopeful for the best. We sincerely thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We never really have enough time with our loved ones." Bill, 73, and Carol, 69 knew each other from when they were kids, per their obituaries. They fell apart but got together later and fell in love. They spent a beautiful 44 years together married to each other.




Their daughter, Melissa Noke, spoke to WMUR, "They were the true definition of soulmates because it's like having love birds. You can't just buy one: you've got to buy both." She also clarified that their whole family of eight had tested positive for COVID. William was on a ventilator for eight days while Carol had spent 2 weeks on life support. Toward the end of his life, William suffered from lung, kidney, and renal failure. According to Noke, on the night of their deaths, the hospital relocated them into one room where they shared their last minutes together. She said, "(Hospital staff) Placed both beds side-by-side, placing my mother's hand into my father's hand. As soon as they touched hands, my father took his last breath, and then my mother 10 seconds later."




Noke also revealed that both of her parents were unvaccinated against the virus and encouraged everybody to get their shots. Covid-19 cases have been on an exponential rise in The U.S. due to the new omicron variant. Infections are averaging around 547,0000 cases per day in the country, with hospitalizations being on a record-high. The authorities are persuading all the unvaccinated people to get their shots and receive a layer of protection against this deadly virus that has overpowered the world for two years now.






Cover Image Source: GoFundMe