Couple Held Hands And Died On The Same Day After 56 Years of Marriage

Couple Held Hands And Died On The Same Day After 56 Years of Marriage

After spending over 5 decades together, it was a bittersweet end for their love story. When the time came, they both took their last breath on the very same day, just hours apart.

Over 5 decades ago, Will and Judy Webb vowed to be together "till death do us part". But even death couldn't separate them long enough. They spent decades by each other's side, hand-in-hand. But even 56 years of married life wasn't enough for all the love they had for each other.


"At 14 they met and were friends, they dated other people, they were engaged to other people," said Marybeth Webb, one of three daughters, according to Fox 2. "And then they were both single when he went to Army. So she was like, ‘I didn't have anyone to write, so I started writing your dad.'"

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Even though Will was miles away from Judy, serving his time in Korea, they grew closer to each other. And when the right time came, they exchanged wedding vows on the 16th of February, 1963. They raised a family together in Melvindale, Michigan and became parents to three daughters. "The love and mutual respect," said daughter, Lori Thomas.

"They always had their arms on each other. If she was away five minutes, he would say, 'Where's mama, have you seen mama?'"

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More than five and a half decades later, things started changing when Will had to watch the love of his life experience issues with her health. Although Judy underwent a routine surgery, she came out of it with complications. And it soon started affecting Will as well. "It went bad," Lori said. "She ended up coding from it. My father watched it and broke."

Shattered to see his wife in that condition, Will had gone back home that day but had to be taken to the hospital later after he collapsed. After being together for the better half of their entire lives, Will and Judy had to be apart for the first time in their lives. They were both physically away from each other, not just in two different rooms but in two different hospitals. But something much stronger connected them so much that even the doctors couldn't explain what was happening.

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"She would get a fever from her infection; he would get a fever. Couldn't figure out where his was coming from because there was no source," Marybeth said. "She ended up with encephalopathy as a complication from the antibiotic she was on; he ended up with encephalopathy. 

The couple had been together and fought together through the ups and downs of their life. And this time was no different. They tried to overcome what they were going through, but eventually, their bodies started giving in.

"I put him in hospice and let God take it from there, and my mom just started declining so bad we said we have to get them back together, we can't do this, they can't die without one another," said daughter, Ann Warren.

The daughters knew that their parents weren't fond of even spending a few minutes apart. So, both Will and Judy were brought back together on March 2. "We said 'Mom, you want to see dad?' She said 'Yes.' (She was) all excited and they brought mom through the door in dad's room and he looked over and saw her and said 'Mama!' And that was like the last thing he said."

Hand-in-hand, they both breathed their last breaths a few hours apart. "They were holding hands and when my dad took his last breath, my mom went like this rubbing his hand," said Lori. "She wasn't responding but she knew he died, so she rubbed his hand, like I'll be there soon - and she was."


Judy breathed her last breath on the same day as her husband did. Even though the three daughters are going through a terrible time of grieving, they know that at the back of their mind, neither Will nor Judy would have been able to bear losing each other. "We are suffering the loss of our parents at the same time and that's horrid," Marybeth said. "They will never have to suffer the loss of each other."

Ann said, "We all have this long line of love we just treasure. That's why no one should ever settle. If you have someone you truly love you should fight for it. They fought for their love every day."

Watch the daughters talk about the true love their parents had for each other.