Couple Celebrate Their 6-Decade Relationship With An Adorable Photoshoot In Their Wedding Outfits | See Pictures Inside

Couple Celebrate Their 6-Decade Relationship With An Adorable Photoshoot In Their Wedding Outfits | See Pictures Inside

Marvin and Lucille Stone got married in their 20s and stuck with each other since then.

In the midst of all the negativity and fear, there are some sweet incidents and events that give us hope. It makes us positive and leaves us feeling joyous. One married couple from the United States Of America celebrated their decades of blissful marriage through a photoshoot.


According to Metro, Marvin and Lucille Stone celebrated their 60-years together in style. The couple, who lived together for 6 decades organized a photo shoot wearing their wedding outfits from years ago. Lucille wore a lace gown while Marvin donned a black tuxedo. She sewed her wedding gown by hand. “The thing that took the longest was making 52 buttons that are on the sleeves and down the back,” said Lucille, referring to the making of her wedding gown, according to KHGI-TV.

Photographer Katie Autry captured the 88-year-old man and 81-year-old in an open field in Nebraska. They posed gracefully, showing the depth of their love and affection.


Marvin and Lucille met each other in their twenties. Lucille was 22 and Marvin was 29 when they got married. Recalling their wedding, Marvin stated, "It was a typical wedding. We had a pastor who was in his first ceremony wedding... and he was a little shook but he did it and we were married."

Lucille reminisced her father tearing up during the ceremony. "My dad cried. He was the only one that cried. My mother beamed and they both thought Marvin was just perfect, and that does help when your parents like the person that you’re marrying," said Lucille, according to KHGI-TV.


They were both born in the Great Depression-era and the couple had a lot of things in common, according to Metro. "We were Depression children. He was born at the beginning of the 30s and I came along a few years later for my parents as kind of a surprise baby," said Lucille, according to KHGI-TV.

Additionally, their backgrounds were also very similar. "We both had farm backgrounds. We both were free enterprise people and we had similar goals in life and we were both in teaching," said Marvin.

He continued, "We had already been in teaching for a while and we were just kind of together in our concepts of what to do and what direction to go and so forth.”


The couple went on to have three children and stated that they believed they were going to be married to each other forever. “From day one we have assumed marriage is forever. You do what you have to do and by no means have we been perfect in our marriage. We’ve had arguments. We’ve had disagreements, but on the big things we’re pretty much on the same track," said Lucille. 

Marvin added that the couple quickly moved on when they had differences and never allowed it to hinder the relationship they shared with each other. "We don’t always agree but we have the main focus that we’ve always had, so it just kind of moves along. We have had similar values and so it has worked out pretty well and, I don't know, we never spent any time considering separating," said Marvin, according to KHGI-TV.

Having had each other's back for decades, the couple stated that the success of their relationship was due to their attitude of going with the flow and avoiding worry. They also claimed that communication was an important ingredient to a happy marriage. 


“Use the resources that you have and don’t expect to have everything that you might want. Focus on the needs along the way and keep the faith keep a positive attitude and do your best," advised Stone.