Man Chooses Mom Over Bride & Dumps Her A Day Before The Wedding Because His Parents Threatened To Cut Him Off His Will

Man Chooses Mom Over Bride & Dumps Her A Day Before The Wedding Because His Parents Threatened To Cut Him Off His Will

Well, who could he have chosen? Read on...

Bradley Moss, 32, and Amy Bzura, 27, were all set to be wedded in a $325K wedding ceremony but they called it off after their families engaged in an ugly fight with each other at their rehearsal dinner, reports New York Times. They are now fighting a legal battle over the settlement of the expenses.

Things were looking fine until Amy's brother, Adam Bzura started gearing up to raise a "heartfelt toast" and present a video to everyone. The video, reportedly, did not go well with Bradley's family and an ugly fight followed. According to NYT, Bradley's brother Michael punched Adam in the face and his father also tried to attack him, reads the court papers.


Robert and Wendy Moss, Bradley's parents, were hosting the rehearsal dinner at NYC's Blue Water Grill. According to the lawsuit, tensions flared when Robert "inexplicably and angrily declared that Adam (Bzura) was not allowed to speak at the dinner," before threatening him by saying, "Do you know what I can do to you?"

As the fight began, Wendy Moss started calling her guests to let them know that the wedding has been called off as the couple split up and there was no hope of reconciliation. Further, Robert threatened to cut his son off from his family if he decided to marry Amy after all.

The two families are now fighting a legal battle, started by Amy's father, to settle the bills of the lavish wedding that never happened. During the court struggle, Amy gave her groom-to-be an ultimatum “Make a choice, me or your mother,” according to a source. And Bradley, apparently, chose his family.


Amy's brother, however, stated that the ugly brawl "never happened." 

It doesn't end there. Bradley had also filed a lawsuit to demand back the $125,000 he spent on Amy's engagement ring. Furthermore, Bruce Bzura, Amy's father is seeking repayment from Robert Moss for $89,919 of the cost of the wedding.

To pile up on the already rising tension levels, Robert Moss has changed the locks of the apartment that Amy and Bradley shared, preventing Amy from taking her belongings. Bruce has filed a separate lawsuit to enable Amy's re-entry.


According to NYT, that fateful night ended in "shouting and tears." Bruce Bzura claims that the Moss family had agreed to pay their share back but they are not retreating from the agreement. “He promised to pay his share, and now he won’t pay a penny,” Bzura said.

A lawyer for Robert and Wendy Moss called the suit’s claims "bogus."

On the one hand, one might think that a meaningless brawl between families led to the split of a couple who probably wanted to spend their entire lives together. On the other hand, however, one can't help but think that if the couple really wanted to be with each other would they have not stood up against their families or asked them to reconcile for the sake of their love and life?