People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights To Instill Hope And Cheer Amidst The Coronavirus Fear

People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights To Instill Hope And Cheer Amidst The Coronavirus Fear

With schools and offices shut down, parents and children are all home trying to distract themselves from the crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay indoors. Moreover, it has spread fear, panic, and hopelessness in the lives of many across the world. During these tough times of pain and uncertainty, people are turning to Christmas lights to bring back their lost spirits.

According to House Beautiful, social media users are determined to light up the lives of everyone who feels scared and worried about the virus crisis. Instead of staying home and indulging in negativity, they are encouraging each other to hang Christmas lights in their homes and driveways. According to these users, if you are stuck at home, you might as well do something that can put a smile on others and also distract you from your anxious thoughts.


"What if we all put our Christmas lights back up? Then we could get in the car and drive around and look at them. That seems like a fair social distancing activity," wrote one man on Twitter. Many responded to the idea positively. Many were cheered just by the thought of those illuminated houses.

"That will be a very good idea! What you said made feel so cheerful. Thank you very much. I just love Christmas!" wrote an enthusiastic man on Twitter. "Great idea! Something to do with the kids. Gives them some fun instead of dread and despair!" wrote another user.


Some shared how they were approached by their neighbors and family members to turn on the Christmas lights. "A friend just shared that an elderly neighbor came to her house and asked her husband to turn on the Christmas lights because there's so much darkness and scariness now. So, there are bright dancing Christmas lights now on in their neighborhood. #coronakindness," wrote a woman on Twitter. "My mom thinks people should start putting up Christmas lights in their windows to remind each other that there is still life & light while we #StayTheFHome," wrote another man.


They shared how those simple lights rekindled their faith and hope in life. "My youngest son was bored today and said, "can we put Christmas lights on our tree outside to cheer us up?" Great idea buddy. Lights are on tonight as a sign of hope and the sweet mind of my 10-year-old," wrote a mother on Twitter.


Inspired by the comments, many began posting pictures of their homes decorated with colorful lights that totally brought outa holiday spirit. One woman wrote, "Watson Louisiana is in!"


It is surprising but in times like these even simple things like this bring people together in joy and happiness. 

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