Grief-stricken Woman Forced To Be Alone In House With Husband's Dead Body For 2 Days After He Died Of Coronavirus

Grief-stricken Woman Forced To Be Alone In House With Husband's Dead Body For 2 Days After He Died Of Coronavirus

The woman cried out for help from her balcony but the authorities could only remove the body after 2 days.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has taken an emotional, mental and physical toll on people worldwide and many harrowing stories of the effects of the virus have been reported from all across the globe. The fate of an Italian woman who was quarantined along with her partner is a deeply distressing one.

According to CNN, an unidentified woman from the northwestern coastal province of Borghetto Santo Spirito, west of Genoa in Italy was in isolation at an apartment with her husband. However, the husband who was tested positive for coronavirus passed away at 2 AM on 9 March 2020. With the authorities unable to remove the dead body from the apartment, the helpless woman was forced to stay with her dead husband for 2 days, according to Mirror Online.


The woman cried out for help from her balcony stated one of the neighbors to the local television news station IVG.IT. They said, "Right now the most important thing is to think about this lady, alone with the body of her husband," according to Mirror Online. "No one can come close to help her nor comfort her. We hope this is quickly resolved. Our thoughts are with her and on what she is living through," added the neighbor.


Mayor Giancarlo Canepa confirmed the case and stated that the authorities would not be able to move the body before 11 March 2020. "Yes, it is true she is still there with the body and we won’t be able to remove it until Wednesday morning," said the mayor to CNN. "Unfortunately, we have a security protocol we must follow," he said. He further added that the husband was reluctant to be hospitalized. 

After nearly two days, the body of the dead man was collected from the apartment. He was later transported to Milan for a scheduled autopsy. According to Fox, the woman is now getting the necessary help from a psychologist after the traumatic experience.


Italy is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. As per the latest records by World Health Organization (WHO), the virus has claimed the lives of 1,809 people while 24,747 people are confirmed cases in Italy. Meanwhile, the authorities have informed that it would take a minimum of two weeks to relax the present security laws and restrictions.