Man Went To Italy With Lover Unbeknownst To Wife & Caught COVID-19| He's More Worried About Being Exposed Than His Health

Man Went To Italy With Lover Unbeknownst To Wife & Caught COVID-19| He's More Worried About Being Exposed Than His Health

The unnamed 30-year-old "high-flying" man is in a panic not because he caught the virus but because his wife might find out how he got it.

While the responsibility to prevent coronavirus from spreading has fallen on governments of different countries, an individual can also do a lot to prevent the spread. However, not everyone is conscientious enough to take the responsibility seriously. Nor are they conscientious enough to know that adultery is going to be hurtful for their partner. In the case of one man, it turned out to be hurtful for his partner, but in an unexpected way. 

A married man from the north of England recently confessed to public health coordinators that the origin of his coronavirus infection could be Italy. He had traveled there with his mistress while his unwitting wife in England had no idea. The panicked, unnamed man in his 30s has also refused to name his mistress, so she could be tested for the virus as well, according to the Sun. Surprisingly, his panic is not over him catching an infection with no vaccine.

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His wife and he are in isolation now but she is still clueless about where he caught the infection. The man was described as "well-heeled and with a high-flying job" by the newspaper. While he has not confessed to his wife about his real whereabouts when he told her he was going on a business trip within the country, he told the public health coordinators. They have now self-isolated in their "lavish" home in the north of England, according to Daily Mail.

A source told the Sun, "This patient is the talk of public health officials. His case would be funny if it wasn't quite so serious. The man confessed what he'd been up to in Italy, and that his wife has no idea. She thinks he just picked up the disease on his business trip away. Although the patient admitted to medics what had happened, he said nothing would persuade him to name his mistress. Despite his infection, he is expected to survive the outbreak, unlike his extra-marital relationship."

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"He thought he had the perfect alibi to carry out his affair, but hadn't reckoned on the coronavirus meltdown. The patient is just relieved he got home before flights were canceled - that would have taken some explaining. He's in a blind panic, but more about his adultery being exposed rather than his health," they said.

Italy, the country which has been hit the hardest in Europe, is in a lockdown situation currently because of the spread of coronavirus while the total number of confirmed cases in UK has reached 1,954. 55 people are known to have died from the virus in the country, according to WHO. 2,153 people have died in Italy from the disease.

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We can all do our bit by maintaining distance from people and staying away from public places. Other preventive methods would include washing hands for 20 seconds frequently and following the social distancing guidelines issued by our governments.

For more information on the COVID-19, please check out CDC and WHO. To contact your Local Health Departments (USA), click here.