Paramedic Husband Told Wife "Go To Sleep, My Dear, I Am Not Going To Die" & Dies Hours Later Due To Coronavirus

Paramedic Husband Told Wife "Go To Sleep, My Dear, I Am Not Going To Die" & Dies Hours Later Due To Coronavirus

Diego Bianco was committed to helping others his entire life. He tragically lost his own life while trying to do everything he could to save others from Coronavirus.

With several families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses, doctors, and other medical staff are on a mission to do whatever they can to save lives despite the high risks of them getting affected. One Italian man who put his heart and soul into saving others passed away due to coronavirus. He remained optimistic even during the final hours of his passing and assured his wife he was not going to leave her too soon.

According to Mirror Online, a 47-year-old paramedic, Diego Bianco was diagnosed with the deadly virus on 12 March 2020 after his colleagues developed symptoms of the illness. After being tested positive, he remained in isolation at home along with his wife, Maruska Capoferri and eight-year-old in Montello, northern Italy. Just two days later, the man passed away leaving behind his family. 

His heartbroken wife said that her husband was positive even during his final hours. She said Bianco asked her to go off to sleep without worrying about him. "You can go to sleep, my dear, I am not going to die. I just need to find a comfortable position to fall asleep," said the father of one, according to Mirror Online. When she asked if he was going to die, the man smiled at her and said "no", according to L'Eco di Bergamo.

Capoferri then went off to her room hoping her partner was fine like he claimed. At 5:30 AM, she went on to check on her husband who had been sleeping separately since his diagnosis. His conditions eventually worsened and the healthy man suffered a heart attack after experiencing breathing difficulties. 

Though the wife along with a nurse gave him heart massages and tried to save his life, it was all in vain. 20 minutes later, the paramedics too arrived, however, they could not do anything.

She is shattered by his tragic death. Capoferri met Bianco 15 years ago while volunteering for the Red Cross. She remembered it was her husband's mission to help others, according to Mirror Online.

His colleagues too are devastated by his death. They said he "died within a day and a half, despite being healthy." "The thing that worries us the most is the carelessness with which rescue workers are abandoned to their destiny," said Davide Brescancin, a fellow paramedic. He even stated that the first responders were exposed to the virus and were not safe. He demanded stricter measures to care for the wellbeings of rescue workers.

"Diego was a trained worker, a rescuer who has always used personal protective equipment, was not elderly and did not have any other diseases. He was one of the 700 health workers, doctors, nurses and rescuers who have already been infected," said Riccardo Germani, a spokesman for the health union Adl Cobas Lombardia, according to Mirror Online.

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