4 Conversations That Every Long-Term Couple Should Have Before Deciding To Take The Plunge

4 Conversations That Every Long-Term Couple Should Have Before Deciding To Take The Plunge

You might feel like avoiding certain topics with your partner but talking things out makes a lot of difference.

Being with the one you love is not always a bed of roses. There are times when you have conflicts and disagreements with each other. We might even hurt each other with our rude comments or opinions. However, that should not keep us away from discussing and opening up about things that matter in the relationship. Avoiding these conversations may build up frustration and may make partners feel suffocated. Here are a few conversations that you should have with your long term partner.

1. Your plans for the future together

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Every relationship goes into a phase where couples are no longer bound by responsibilities. Their children might have moved out or might have already been married. They have the time to think of a future ahead to fulfill their dreams together. In such a situation, open discussions about your retirement, travel or even health care plans are important. Having such conversations will help couples grow together and even find common ground in case of conflicting interests. While one might want to stay at your family home, the other might want to move out of the country and stay at their dream location. Talking these out with each other and planning the days ahead is crucial.

2. How you feel

Partners might not be happy with each other but many a time they refrain from opening up to each other. Though they might have been with each other for a long time, it is not necessary that they understand the different emotions or moods. Instead of waiting for one person to read the other one's mind, partners should take efforts to start conversations with ease. Just voicing small things may avoid confusions and misunderstandings between them. No matter how critical it is, you and your partner should be comfortable enough to talk it out like friends. Keeping communication channels open and letting each other know that they are not alone will make it easier for couples to deal with anything be it relationship troubles or serious health problems.

3. Your financial decisions

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When you are a couple, you are not only connected physically and emotionally. Finance plays a great role too. As couples often come up with common goals like a car together or buying a house together, it is important for each of the partners to inform about their financial situations and goals. You or your partner may not be in a situation to spend so much for a house or a car but if you refrain from having a conversation about your financial limitations, it might lead to unnecessary arguments and fights. Partners should open up about their financial troubles and their goals for their common future. "When it comes to taking the plunge on something like a new car or a new house, tensions can run high if either partner disagrees with the decision or the amount of spending," said Robyn Koenig, certified professional dating coach, CEO, and founder of Rare Find.

4. Sexual needs

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You might have been with your partner for long but as the relationship progresses, couples tend to face problems in their sexual relationship. Your partner may not be avoiding you intentionally but they might be carried away by the hectic life schedules. Couples who often avoid talking about their sexual needs, find themselves falling out of love as days go forward. Therefore, it is important to remind each other of sexual needs and to ensure that you have an intimate relationship. "Over time, as the excitement of the new relationship fades, new items are added to the routine and intimacy may lose its place as a top priority. Talk about re-prioritizing the routine." There's nothing wrong with letting your partner know you," says Megan Cannon, a licensed clinical social worker.