Chuck Norris' Devout Mom Told Him "God Has Plans For You" | He Didn't Know What She Meant But He Knows Now

Chuck Norris' Devout Mom Told Him "God Has Plans For You" | He Didn't Know What She Meant But He Knows Now

Chuck Norris was born to an alcoholic father who abandoned him and his family after his parents' divorce.

Good things happen all the time, and especially to those who know how to work for it. Sometimes, it takes single-mindedness for people to reach for the stars, and sometimes, it's all in the hands of God. 

Chuck Norris, the oldest of three boys, had once said that he was "the shy kid who never excelled at anything in school," according to Biography. However, during the course of his life, he reached the highest heights even when his early years were hard. He was born to an alcoholic father who checked out of the actor's life after his parents' divorce.

When he was 10, Norris moved to California with his mom and brothers and attended the North Torrance High School. There are conflicting tales about his childhood, and one of the stories about him says that he had moved 16 times by the age of 15 because of his father.

The only constant in his life was his mom, Wilma Norris Knight, and her devotion to God. While their family struggled to survive, she made sure that her children went to church no matter where they were living. It was his mom who believed in him and told him, "God has a plan for you" every day, according to Baptist Press. She is the one who gave him the strength to overcome the odds in his life.


His mom's faith also inspired him to have a strong bond with his religion, and his mom, 99, and his faith continue to be a part of his life even now.

"She loves Jesus with all of her heart and soul and made sure we understood that [growing up,]" he said. "She influenced me spiritually and instilled in me a sense of responsibility that carried over in my later adult life. She always told me ‘God has plans for you,’ and I didn’t know what she meant. I think I do now," he added. 

His life has been proof of what good old hard work can give us. The Walker, Texas Ranger star began his journey towards fame in 1958 in South Korea, where he was stationed with the U.S. Air Force. He started studying martial arts and when he left the service in 1962, he started working as a karate instructor, as per Biography.


In the 1960s, he became so famous that he opened 30 karate studios and even taught several celebrities, including Priscilla Presley and actor Steve McQueen. It was the latter who led Norris towards acting. He became a martial arts world champion as well, and his acting career also took off. He is a six-time world karate champion, who has starred as the hero in more than 23 films. He also wrote and produced his popular television series, Walker, Texas Ranger, which is getting a reboot now. 

He faced some setbacks in his personal life when he and his wife of 30 years, Dianne Holecheck, divorced. Their two sons moved away when they grew up, and the long distances worked against their bond. However, he remained friends with his ex. A decade later, he was contacted by a woman who claimed to be his daughter. He had a one-night stand when he was married to Holechek and unwittingly became a father, according to Baptist Press.


"These are human frailties; we all have them, we all sin," Norris said. "But as far I’m concerned, the sin that resulted in my daughter turned out to be a blessing. I can’t imagine my life without her and her children, my three grandchildren."

His daughter, Dina, contacted him and she was accepted by him with open arms. Dina and her husband are now part of the Norris family. He is married to Gena O'Kelley since 1998 and they have twin sons. She had a difficult pregnancy and gave birth after six years of their marriage. There was another health scare with O'Kelley's health when she was poisoned by an MRI scan. He gave up his acting career to take care of her, and she survived it.


While there were rumors about his death because of the pandemic, the 80-year-old is very much alive, healthy, and happy with his family.