Christian OnlyFans Model Strips Online Because It's What 'God Wants Her To Do'

Christian OnlyFans Model Strips Online Because It's What 'God Wants Her To Do'

Nita Marie, a Christian OnlyFans model, wants to to empower other women to embrace their sexuality.

One woman is trying to change the conversation revolving around religion and sexuality. Nita Marie, a self-proclaimed Christian OnlyFans model, believes that stripping for strangers online is what “God wants me to do.” The 45-year-old believes that it's her mission to empower other women to embrace their sexuality.  “I asked God if I should continue stripping off and the answer was always yes,” the Colorado resident, 45, told Jam Press according to Fox News.



Marie was not raised by any particular faith, but she found Christianity when she was just nine years old after having a dream about Jesus. She began building a spiritual relationship with Christ. She discovered that her version of Christ and God didn't quite fit with the Bible. According to LADBible, she explained, "The Bible was written during a time when women were not allowed to read or write. I believe it would be much different if women were able to be a part of writing it. When I first started modeling I had a lot of Christian friends and family who shunned me," she said. "However, I asked God if He wanted me to continue and the answer was always yes. I see now that I was guided to continue so I could help women and men have healthy relationships with sex and their bodies. I am so glad that I stayed the course so that I could continue to build a safe and loving community for other women in the adult modeling world."



Currently, the model has 953,000 followers and earns $1.8 million a year. While Marie is trying to preach a message of empowerment, she gets a lot of hate. But that's not stopping her. Marie is currently writing a book about religion and sexuality, which will be released by 2022. She hopes that book will help women reclaim their "birthright to enjoy their bodies." Her faith is what has inspired her to embrace her expressions of sexuality rather than shun them completely. According to her, religion has suppressed women’s sexuality since the beginning, but according to the model, she believes this is not what God intended. 



She shared, "The story of Mother Mary being a virgin and being impregnated by God sets the stage for all women to be shameful of their desire for sex and/or their need for sex. To me, sexuality is a huge part of my faith, it is a gift that God gave us to experience with other people where both parties are consensual. When we experience an orgasm with someone else we share a small part of how God feels about us. The Christian faith frowns upon the desire to have sex and to enjoy it. Many people still hold shame around sexuality, particularly Christian women. I want to let women and men know that there's nothing wrong with embracing their sexuality and being religious. It all starts with loving yourself and trusting that when you have a desire for sex it is OK and healthy to ask for it."