Couple Sell Their Newborn Child Online To Pay Off Their Debt Of $8,500 & Use The Money To Buy Mobiles & Drugs

Couple Sell Their Newborn Child Online To Pay Off Their Debt Of $8,500 & Use The Money To Buy Mobiles & Drugs

The couple were involved in crimes in the past. Both the partners were sentenced to prison.

Kids are precious to most parents but some instances from across the world will show you a different reality that is unbelievable to most people. A couple from China did not care for their child enough that they decided to sell their baby to another couple to pay off their debt. 

According to Daily Mail, Wang and Zhong from the south-western Chinese city of Neijiang sold their newborn to another couple, who could not conceive children of their own. The biological parents had a large amount of debt and thought they could use the money to pay it off. 


Both Wang and Zhong were battling with drug addiction and was buried in debts. Zhong was also in prison for various charges, including robbery and child trafficking. Zhong was also arrested for making her house available for people who wanted to use the premises to consume drugs. But when she gave birth to her second child in 2018, she was let go by the prison manager to complete her sentence outside prison.

When Zhong got pregnant again in 2019, she continued using drugs during the pregnancy term. She and her partner decided to sell off their baby as soon as she gave birth. So, Zhong and Wang kept in contact with many childless couples online hoping to secure a deal to sell off their newborn baby. 

It is then that Zhong got in touch with a woman named Lan through a chat platform in February 2020. Lan told the woman that she and her husband were desperately trying to conceive for years. She even told her that they were ready to spend money on a baby.

Zhong then told the woman that she was pregnant and did not have the resources to take care of the child. She said she was ready to sell the baby so that somebody would look after the kid. After sharing their sides of the story, the women agreed on 60,000 yuan (around $ 8,500) for the baby with the condition of handing over the baby soon after the birth.


So when Zhong gave birth to her baby boy, her partner Wang took him away and left in a hurry. However, the couple didn't know they were being watched by the police. Since the couple had been involved in crimes in the past, the police kept tabs with their activities. Eventually, they became suspicious of Wang's actions and conducted a detailed investigation.

Soon, the officers found evidence of the illegal trade. They tracked down the childless couple and they admitted to the crime. The officer found the newborn at their residence and took him to their custody.

The investigators then found Wang and Zhong in a hotel room. A viral video of the arrest showed the couple in a room with wades of cash and meth bottles. On being questioned, the couple admitted to the crime. They said that they used the money from the sale to buy more drugs and mobile phones.

Zhong was sentenced to six years by the Shizhong District People's Court of Neijiang. Meanwhile, her partner was sentenced to five years. However, it is unclear if the couple who bought the baby has been punished. 


Such cases of child trafficking are rising in China. Recently, the BBC reported the reunion of a child with his parents after he was abducted from them and sold to another couple 32 years ago. Mao Yin, 34, was abducted in 1988 from Xian city and was sold off to a family in the Sichuan province.

Though his birth parents, Zhenjing and Li Jingzhi desperately searched for their child, they were unable to find him. The couple even appeared on TV and put up 100,000 fliers in more than 10 provinces and municipalities requesting the return of their precious boy. 

The couple search went on for years and the mother never gave up hope. She knew she would find him one day. Luckily, the mother's prayers were answered recently.