Charcoal-based Underwear Pads Are Now Here To Save You From The Embarrassing Stinky Farts

Charcoal-based Underwear Pads Are Now Here To Save You From The Embarrassing Stinky Farts

The flatulence deodorizer will help absorb the stinky odour of flatulence with the help of activated characol which filters the smell.

You're driving in the car with your family or friends and out of nowhere, there's a stink in the air that pretty much kills whatever conversation was on. Or maybe you're at a formal dinner and the people you were chatting with slowly begin to move away. And let's face it, no one likes it when the partner stinks up the bed either, regardless of how many years you've been together. Though it is very normal to have flatulence, no one wants to be around people who often break wind in public. But there's also the fact that sometimes, it cannot be controlled and many end up letting it out just to be laughed at or stared at by people around.

A company has come up with a perfect solution to save you from the judgemental death stares of strangers. Flat-D Innovations has developed a new product called the Flatulence Deodorizer that helps in neutralizing the intestinal gas odors. This charcoal-based pad that comes with a double-sided tape can be attached to your underwear. It can also be customized with scissors.


The Flat D which can be used more than once just by washing is termed by the company as a highly economical. The website says that the pad is like wearing an activated charcoal underwear but in a much cheaper way. The website also highlights the idea used to develop a product of this sort. It states," The medical industry has long known the benefits of charcoal as an odor absorbing media. Charcoal is used for filtering liquids and gases from their harmful elements. Activated charcoal fabric is the latest technology in gaseous odor absorbency. It actually has the carbon embedded into the fabric."

The product developed by the British Chemical Defense Establishment is said to be a highly efficient filter against nerve gas and other toxic vapors. The company promises that the Flat-D will eliminate the embarrassment caused by stinky odors of farts.

The testimonies by customers also hint that the product is quite effective. "Love your product. Recovering from stomach cancer and removal of my stomach, I have had frequent problems with gas. "Your product has enabled me to avoid embarrassment when traveling with small and large groups of clients. It REALLY works!" said one customer. Another customer Anne thanked the company for saving her from embarrassment many times.


According to Healthline, an average person farts at least 5 to 15 times a day. It also states that is part of the digestion process but excessive farting may be a health condition. The condition termed as flatulence may make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable in public spaces.

The pad made up of several layers of activated charcoal has the ability to filter out the unpleasant smell caused by flatulence. "When you fart or expel gas into the flatulence filter pad, the charcoal inside absorbs the gas, including all the bad smells associating with flatulence," says the website. Since the charcoal traps the odor, you can freely walk around without people judging you for passing gas in public.