Cat Found Alive Under Rubble 9 Days After Deadly Tornado Hit Town In Kentucky

Cat Found Alive Under Rubble 9 Days After Deadly Tornado Hit Town In Kentucky

The feline was discovered in the rubble of his owner's three-story office building in downtown Mayfield.

A black cat was found alive in rubble nine days after a deadly tornado tore through Mayfield, Kentucky. Owner Sonny "Hoot" Gibson's three-story office building in downtown Mayfield was destroyed by the tornado, and the distraught pet parent was assisting with cleanup after the deadly storm. His family was also there to help but they never expected to find their beloved pet alive. “I don’t know how anything could’ve survived not just the tornado but the destruction that came along with it,” he said, according to The Associated Press. “I thought I heard a meow, and I thought my mind’s playing tricks on me so I hollered his name out, and he meowed again,” Gibson said. With the help of a few employees, they managed to find Madix miraculously unscathed in a hole beneath the rubble. “It was just an incredible feeling to put him in my arms,” Gibson said. “If cats actually have nine lives, he probably used up about eight of them in that nine-day period.”




Gibson and his four children spent the days following the storm helping with cleanup until the nine-year-old office cat was miraculously found. He told WTVF, "Out of the blue, I heard that meow. When I heard it, and I said his name, and I heard it faintly again, I knew it was him. My knees got so weak, my chest almost got tight. I thought, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to have a heart attack here.' I was blown away." He told the news channel that when Madix got home he quickly ate "three bowls of food and drank a whole bowl of water." The feline seemed to be okay apart from quite obviously being hungry and thirsty. A veterinarian ran a health check on Madix and claimed he was in good health.



He's also become quite popular in the area. “It’s a blessing for people to hear the story so they can take that and realize that great things can come out of terrible situations. If it’s uplifting to one person, then Madix has served his purpose on this planet," Gibson told AP. The animal would often spend his time near the office entrance greeting customers and looking out the window. "All the customers, they loved him," Gibson said. "A lot of people, they’d walk in the office, you know, over the last ten years and go, 'where’s Madix?' and I’d say, 'Well he’s in the back,' or 'he’s sleeping somewhere.' He just lived a life of his own and now he’s living that life of his own at my house."



As for the harsh weather at the time, a severe storm system took a devastating toll on parts of the South and Midwest on Dec. 10. Apart from Mayfield, tornadoes hit other parts of Kentucky. Six states were affected including Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The tornado outbreak tragically killed at least 89 people, 77 of whom were in Kentucky, making it the state's deadliest storm ever, as per PEOPLE.









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