Just A Day After Carrie Fisher's Death, Mom Debbie Reynolds Died Too, After Saying, "I Want To Be with Carrie"

Just A Day After Carrie Fisher's Death, Mom Debbie Reynolds Died Too, After Saying, "I Want To Be with Carrie"

"It’s horrible, it’s beautiful, it’s magical they are together, it’s beyond words, it’s beyond understanding."

For years, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher were one of Hollywood's most formidable mother-daughter duo. Although they had a tumultuous relationship for a long time where they wouldn't even speak to each other, time eventually mended their relationship until they became each other's source of strength. When the final chapter of their lives drew to a close, the mother and daughter were even buried side by side, laid to rest together.


In 2016, when Carrie Fisher was traveling back to LA after a tour, she had a severe heart attack as the aircraft was beginning to descend, as reported by The Guardian. Fisher spent a few days in the hospital before she passed away on December 27, 2016, at the age of 60, leaving behind her devastated family and a heartbroken mother, Debbie Reynolds. It's a parent's worst nightmare to know that they have outlived their children and to start planning their funeral. And that was the painful position that Debbie Reynolds was in.


The Singin' in the Rain actress had even written on Facebook after her daughter's death, "Thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. Love Carries Mother."

The 84-year-old mother regretted not having the chance to see her daughter after she was done with her tour.


Todd Fisher, who was a son to Debbie Reynolds and brother to Carrie Fisher, told ABC News, about the mother's state of mind at the time, saying, "It wasn’t that [Reynolds] was sitting around inconsolable, not at all. She simply said that she didn’t get to see Carrie come back from London, she expressed how much she loved my sister."

"She then said she really wanted to be with Carrie," Todd Fisher continued. "In those precise words, and within 15 minutes from that conversation she faded out and within 30 minutes, she technically was gone."

Just a day after Carrie Fisher died, her mother, too, passed away due to a stroke. And Todd Fisher had lost two important women in his life almost at the same time.


In his book, My Girls: A Lifetime With Carrie and Debbie, Todd Fisher, wrote that he recalled his mother saying in her final moments, "I want to be with Carrie".

"The common theory about Mom’s passing was that, after losing Carrie, Debbie Reynolds died of a broken heart. Take it from the son who was there, who knew her better than anyone else on earth — that’s simply not true," Todd Fisher said, as quoted by USA Today. "Debbie Reynolds willed herself right off this planet to personally see to it that Carrie would never be alone. That had been her driving force all of Carrie’s life, including having me so that Carrie wouldn’t be an only child, and it continued to be her driving force when Carrie left."


Carrie Fisher had been cremated earlier, but some of her ashes were kept aside, left to be buried in a coffin beside that of Debbie Reynolds', as reported by TMZ.

Side-by-side, as the mother and daughter had been through many ups and downs in life, side-by-side they were when they were laid to rest.

At the time, Todd Fisher said, "We’re broken-hearted, those of us that are left behind. We also are happy that they're together. It’s horrible, it’s beautiful, it’s magical they are together, it’s beyond words, it’s beyond understanding."