People are Struggling To Solve This Insanely Fun Puzzle With A True Holiday Spirit | Can You?

People are Struggling To Solve This Insanely Fun Puzzle With A True Holiday Spirit | Can You?

Canine Cottages has challenged people to spot the dog hidden in the sea of adorable polar bears.

Be it after a busy day of work or just to kill some time when you're waiting in the line, nothing beats solving a quick puzzle to keep your mind occupied. And yet again, in true holiday spirit, one particular puzzle, this time by Canine cottages, wants you to find the dog hiding in a sea of polar bears.

According to Insider, the service, which provides dog-friendly houses for travelers and pet owners across the UK has gifted the internet with a holiday-themed puzzle. The puzzle shows polar bears with different expressions wearing adorable Christmas hats. The service provider challenges people to find a fury dog hiding among the polar bears. The official website stated, "Adorable little Frenchie Pierre has joined his humans on a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa Paws, but got distracted by the hundreds of polar bears having a Christmas party in the Arctic! After deciding to join in with the fun and make some new furry friends, he’s got lost in the crowd - and it’s up to you to find him."

Canine Cottages

Look closely, did you see the fury boo peeking?

Not yet? Can you spot his tiny face hidden by the Christmas bears?


It should take you an average time of 2 minutes and 49 seconds to spot Pierre. How long will you keep looking?

He is right there on the side? Focus on the sides and see if you can spot the cutie?

Still can't see him? Give it one more try? I am sure you are close.

Guess, its time to reveal!

Canine Cottages