Wife Races Against Time To Her Cancer-Stricken Husband So He Could See Their Newborn | He Passed Way 3 Hours Later

Wife Races Against Time To Her Cancer-Stricken Husband So He Could See Their Newborn | He Passed Way 3 Hours Later

Brett Kinloch saw his daughter just hours before dying. His wife was happy that their newborn got a chance to see their father.

Every father wants to enjoy good times with their children no matter how they feel. They put their children first and dream to be a guiding hand all throughout their life. Brett Kinloch was no different. Though his disease was killing him, he knew he had one last wish.

According to Mirror, Brett from Northampton was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015. The man, along with his dear wife, Nicola and their two children were heartbroken by the news. Having met in 2010 and dreamt of a life together, Nicola could not imagine a life without her husband by her side.


The doctors informed the couple that they had just 12 months together. The news was upsetting but Brett was determined to fight back. His family stood by him and raised the funds required for his treatment abroad. Even amid the cancer battle, there was news of Nicola's pregnancy that gave them something to be happy about. The couple was thrilled to welcome their third child. But that happiness was short-lived.


Just before the Christmas 2018, Brett received painful news from his doctors. Brett's tumor had regrown and this time, it was inoperable. He knew it was time but he had one last wish, he wanted to see his little baby girl. He fought long and hard to stay alive for her birth. Soon, Nicola gave birth on 11 February, 2019. She knew she had no time to waste but get to her husband who admitted at the Milton Keynes Hospital.

Knowing her husband was waiting for her and their newborn daughter, Ariya, the mother raced against time to get to Brett, who was 20 miles away, so he could hold his newborn. "It was action stations afterwards - one midwife was tending to me, another to the baby and my mum went to get the car and we went straight up the M1 and got there super quick. I just wanted to get there - there was no question we weren't going to make it. There was no doubt about it, he waited for her," " said Nicola to BBC News.


On reaching the hospital, Nicola rushed to see her husband. She put her daughter close to Brett with a heavy heart. "I put her by his face and laid her by his arm and got his hand and stroked her hair. I have got some pictures of her with her dad," said the mother of three. After the father and daughter spent some time together, the family was hit with the devastating news. Merely three hours after seeing his baby daughter, Brett breathed his last.


Remembering her husband, Nicola said, "Brett never made excuses and he lived life to the full. He was still working three weeks before he died, he wanted to provide for his family. He loved life and he never made excuses, never let [his illness] stop him living. We went on holidays abroad, we took the kids to Disneyland."

Her daughters, Freya, Ella, and Ariya miss their "superhero handsome prince" father but Nicola is at peace thinking, they all had the chance to met him, especially Ariya. She says, "It sounds horrific but it could have been a lot worse - she could have been born 24 hours later. I take a lot of comfort in the fact he did meet her. I laid her on top of him and she had a cuddle. He could hear what was going on and he knew we were there."

"I'll always be grateful for that."