Big Brother Cradling Little Sister Tries To Console Her Near Sibling's Grave After His Death "Destroyed" Them

Big Brother Cradling Little Sister Tries To Console Her Near Sibling's Grave After His Death "Destroyed" Them

"Every day, my heart aches. The day I lost my son, my life stopped. But we have got to try and stop someone else going through that heartache," the mother said.

It has been years since the Thompson siblings lost one of their own. Tyler Thompson was just a young teen when he was snatched away from them way too early, and even now, his brothers and little sisters are struggling to cope with the overwhelming grief of his untimely death.

Tyler was 16 when he was stabbed to death in a fight that turned ugly. What makes it all the more difficult for them is being reminded of his death every single day in a way that can't be avoided. "Every day, driving my kids to school, I have to go past the place where my son lost his life at the hands of someone I passionately believe should have been in prison instead of walking the streets," Amy Morgan, a mother of nine, had previously told The Sun.


When they visited the cemetery, 23-year-old Kyle Thompson remained beside his brother's grave with his arms wrapped around their little sister Olivia who is just 7. "How is this ok.... older brother consoling his little sister at her brothers grave after he was fatally stabbed.....this is so wrong," the devastated mother wrote on Twitter.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror about the photo, the mother said, "To anyone thinking of going out with a knife look at this image of my kids at Tyler's grave. That's what you don't see. This is the raw grief we've been through," as reported by The Sun.



"In the picture Kyle is just trying to comfort her and explain that nobody can hurt Tyler any more and that he's in a safe place. Obviously, she's just devastated. We all are. It doesn't matter how long it has been it still gets you like it was the first day."

She mentioned how the punishment given wouldn't come close to matching the trauma of a family losing their son and their brother. "My son’s killer was given a nine year sentence for manslaughter for taking Tyler’s life and will be released on licence in just a couple of years," she went on to say. "The punishment doesn’t even come close to the trauma and stress that everyone who knew and loved Tyler has to live with every day."


Along with her own grief, she is forced to watch the younger children grow up without one of their older brothers. "His death has totally destroyed my family. I had an eight-week-old baby at the time he died, along with Tyler’s other young siblings," Amy Morgan added. "How do you explain to them that their brother isn’t coming back? Every time I see another headline it brings it all back."


When she recalled the day it happened, she clearly remembered the moment she got to know when her son was no more. "I was in total disbelief about what I had just been told. Time froze and everything was in slow motion," she said. Amy Morgan even remembered the way Tyler's father broke down in front of her.

"As he walked towards me, I slowly shook my head and said he didn’t make it, ” Amy added. "He put his finger up to his glasses, pushing them back, turned and walked. I’ve never seen a grown man break in front of me like that and his face will haunt me forever."

Even after almost four years since Tyler was taken away from the family, she still can't stop missing her son, who should have been playing video games instead of being "12 ft under in his coffin".


Although there is nothing that can bring her son back, Amy Morgan has been fighting for tougher sentences for knife crimes ever since she lost her son in a horrifying way.

"You have got mums who are losing kids every day. It is literally devastating," she said, as reported by Express. "Every day, my heart aches. The day I lost my son, my life stopped. But we have got to try and stop someone else going through that heartache."


In a petition that she set up on change.org, she wrote, "The teenager who admitted to killing my son had been caught carrying a knife before. All he received back then was a caution. He has now been sentenced to 9 years for Tyler’s murder; of which he will serve only half.  I know my son would still be alive right now if the teenager that killed him had been given a stronger punishment  the first time he was caught in possession of a knife."