The "Broom Challenge" Has Taken Social Media By Storm, And We're Wondering Why It Is Viral

The "Broom Challenge" Has Taken Social Media By Storm, And We're Wondering Why It Is Viral

The "Broom Challenge" is been done by everyone including celebrities. While some have succeeded others are yet to find the right broom.

The internet is a crazy place with new things surfacing every day. One day, it is all about a video of a cat eating banana, and the day after it might be about climate change.  Topics vary from silly to serious, but let's admit nothing makes you wonder as much as those bizarre challenges. A new challenge that is taking the internet by storm is the "broom challenge." 

According to NBC 25 News, people all over Twitter are citing NASA. They are saying that the space research organization announced that 10 February would be the only day where we could see a broom standing upright. Though there has been no official statement from the organization, people across the globe are fascinated by the magical ability brooms seem to have inherited just for the day—the power to stand upright with no support. 




Several videos have emerged with hundreds of people trying their luck with the challenge. Celebrities and Youtube stars are also participating in the new challenge. "Testing out this whole “NASA” #broomchallenge... check back tomorrow for proof it can be done any day thanks to physics," wrote one user who posted a video of her trying to make her broom stand.

"HARRY POTTER. AINT GOT SHIT. ON. MEEEEEEE #broomchallenge," wrote another happy user. However, not everyone smashed the challenge. One user posted a video of his broom falling and breaking the glass door of his oven.  he user posted," Y’all some liars s   #broomchallenge." Another wrote," So the challenge didn’t work with me but it worked with my dad." 




Meanwhile, a group of smart internet users figured out NASA had nothing to do with the challenge. "Yall really scammed me and the whole planet into doing this #broomchallenge NASA didn't say shit lol," said one user. "Ok but I was standing brooms up in 2013 and only 17 people thought it was cool.....now suddenly thousands of people think it’s cool?" wrote one user with a laughing emoji.  






Others posted hilarious memes making fun of the people who are determined to carry on with the broom challenge. Meanwhile, in a video posted by Mid-Michigan, a metrologist explained why the broom could stand upright and clarified NASA had nothing to do with it. They said that the planet or gravity had nothing to do with the broom standing erect.